Monday, 20 August 2012

The poop issue

One of the many wonders of parenthood is that you suddenly find poop fascinating *.*

At first, we worry about him not pooping. Then, we had fun cleaning his runny mess. Recently, we began holding his diaper very close to our faces just to inspect its lovely content.

Two Fridays ago, I had some Similac milk powder with Milo. The milk powder was a sample that came in the mail for the previous occupants, and I thought adults should be able to take milk powder for age 6-12.. But that night, four hours later, his beautiful yellow poop had a greenish hue to it. And the next morning, we found some streaks of blood in his greenish poop :( And soon, the seeds in his poop became more like curds, rather pasty..

This went on until Monday morning when we thought we saw the last of bloody poop. We consulted the paediatrician on Tuesday and he said iron in milk could give baby green poop but the blood could be due to allergies. He told me to stay off dairy for a start and see how. But we found blood again on Saturday :(

The reason I mentioned the milk powder earlier is that I thought I didn't eat anything different otherwise! Plus, I've been taking milk since the beginning so I thought maybe milk powder is "too much milk" or something.. But yesterday, I realised that I started on a new bottle of supplements around the time of the green and bloody poop. Comparing the nutritional value lists, the new bottle has a lot more iron than the old one! And I read that iron could cause anal fissures, due to onstipation, which can explain the blood! So I'm reducing the supplements to see if his poop reminds green.

Then yesterday, he pooped (and peed!) while I was changing his diaper! Not the first time but I saw green foam coming out! Now I worry about foremilk/hind milk imbalance :( Shouldn't right, since he feeds so frequently?? And many times, especially whenever I use a sling, I let him feed on the same boob for consecutive feeds. Or maybe, it's simply gas mixed with poop *.* Need to monitor...

Ok, so breastfed babies shouldn't get constipated but this boy can cry and kick when trying to poop. Pretty normal according to many sources. But it disturbs me to see him cry when trying to poop - I never like tummy pains either!

But when he's done trying and actually pooping, or very near pooping, he doesn't cry. He just stares into space or at us with a blank or cute look. And then, he may grunt and strain very loudly - sometimes cutely :) - until his little face turns red. The next sound will come from his bottom - explosive! Can feel the vibration through his diaper too :p

Now, I love this pooping stage - I can leave him alone while I grab a quick bite or run for the toilet! Alas, it's too short for me to take a shower..

Oh, this boy is such a 小臭臭 - doesn't like to change diapers or take bath! He has woken up from his one nap of the day. And fed for 42 min on both sides! Then he actually went back to sleep in my arms, snoring away happily like papa! :p I'm going to bathe him while he's drowsy, less struggling!!

Update 27 Aug 2012:

Yes, my supplements were giving him green poop! Now that I take one caplet only in the morning and not in the evening, his day poop is green while his overnight poop is a lot more yellow, with just a slight tinge of green.

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