Thursday, 2 August 2012

Second week with ZK :)

Well, I'm trying to do a weekly thing but time is not on my side.. He got fussy in his third week. Sleeping in my arm now..

So I'll say less and let the pictures do the talking! Check out his awesome poses!

Still blur blur early in his second week :)

Cheeky look!

Cute pose :)

What's the name of the baddie up against Austin Powers?! Albeit a sleepy version..

Zen on Saturday - ohmmm....

We took a lovely nap on Sunday afternoon, after the Lion King pose! But where was Sito looking?!

Heh! I know papa is right there! You can try to blend into your bed but you cannot fool me!

Why 扁嘴? Not happy to be syringe fed?? I pumped out 20 ml and fed him.

More on his poop - the colour changed to brown then yellow. We were relieved!! But then his poop is really explosive with some leaking episodes.. More next week...

Update 21 Sep 2012 - btw, this is how we check for poop :p

Towards the end of the second week, he started making baby sounds! Love them :) Although I must say that they are not too fun when they come at all hours of the night!!

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