Tuesday, 14 August 2012

What do you want to be remembered for?

When I went to check out ZK's infant care, the young lady who showed me around thought I looked familiar. We discovered that we were in NJ at the same time but we were sure we didn't know each other. Then suddenly, something clicked - she remembered me for my academic achievements.

Um, yes, I'm afraid that was me, I answered her sheepishly.

Really, I do feel embarrassed for myself when people remember me for how many As I scored.

I'd rather be remembered as, e.g the girl with the horrible laugh during this maths lecture, or the one with a Winnie the Pooh head hanging off her bag.

Of course, the girl remembered for her horrible laugh probably wouldn't like to be remembered so.. Anyway, no, I didn't laugh during maths lectures; I was very serious :p But I have to admit to beheading Winnie the Pooh! :D Ok, that was from a Christmas gift exchange...

Seriously, the subject question is something to think about. I had thought briefly about this when I had pre-cancerous cervical cells. But there was real stress then - was mortality staring at me at age 31?! - and I couldn't focus on such an intangible question. Now, I have time while ZK eats!

I guess everyone wants to be remembered for something intangible, like a generous aunt who supported my education instead of the aunt with the big house. You know, something you can put in an eulogy.

I want to leave good memories for people close to my heart. Sito (I resolve to go before him even if it means stuffing myself with fried food! (Yum!)), our children, my dear friends - what will you remember me for? Besides my role in your life (wife, mama, friend/frenemy), have I left a good imprint in your life? I hope so :)

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