Monday, 27 August 2012

震铠满月了! (plus plus)

In fact, he turns six weeks this week :p But let's just start from his 满月...

满月 lunch

It was National Day, and the extended Clan Sito had a nice little lunch at Peach Garden to celebrate the first month of the baby in the family. But, the baby more or less slept through the lunch hoho!

His cute feet - with an anklet from Ah Yee:

All of us:

Just us:

We had food coma after lunch. Papa collapsed first. Then Mama loosened the baby sling and laid the sleeping baby down in the sling on the bed, and fell asleep with baby so close :) Family nap!

Since then, many little things have taken place..

Diaper stories

He had his second dose of Hep B vaccination on 14 August. The needle went in quite deep on his thigh! :( Before that, doc also showed us the BCG needle mark on his left butt cheek, and did various examinations like checking his eyes, nose, mouth and bottom. The diaper must have become loose cos poop leaked out into the right corner of his car seat on the way home!! I was trying to lift him but his right hand was under his butt. When I released it, I saw a poop stain on the mitten! And when I lifted him, I saw a little pool of green watery poop! Poor Mum helped us clean up *.*

We had three more poopy episodes... On the morning of 21 August, I was carrying him to the bath when he pooped along the way! A lot! One more second, there would be poop in the bath instead of the floor! I don't know which is worse haha! And three days later, I ignored his poopy look and suffered when his projectile poop hit the floor again - through my fingers! What can I say... Shit is warm?! :p And last night, I was fooled by this sleepy-kun who had no poopy look on his face - some poop hit my pants but most hit the floor behind me! Thank goodness no such thing happened when I changed his diapers in Paragon..

Something fun - on 16 August, when I was changing his diaper, I thought it felt pretty light and dry, so I went shhh.. And guess what, he peed! I was successful twice more after this - shall continue to try :p


I got something like his first smile with open eyes on 10 August :) But that night, he had his first green poop :( On 16 August, I thought he had his first laugh, albeit in his sleep. This morning, he made this face at me when I addressed him - like a smile though quite unlike his sleeping smile. Trying to smile??

Papa fed him his first bottle on 12 August:

ZK "watched" two movies already! His first was The Dark Knight Rises on 21 August and his second Bourne Legacy on 23 August, both very manly shows heh! The best part was that he more or less slept through the movies, waking only to nurse :) Oh, and he pooped during his second movie too - some grunting that got drowned out by the action :p

ZK made his first friend - V-jiejie!

And the first handshake!

First time on his baby gym - um, he wasn't enjoying it :p

After dinner at Mum's place on 25 August, ZK "used" FaceTime! His parents had never used it before! Popo saw her great grandson for the first time :)

This is his mesh cradle at Mum's place. Very cooling but his head keeps rolling haha!

Random but precious moments

Our swaddle angel :)

So peaceful after a shampoo - rare!! :p

Awww, we melt at that look of his...

My boys :)

Found them sleeping soundly one morning :)

And sweet when they woke :)

Yes, there are lots of pictures of Papa and ZK but not many of Mama and ZK... PAPA, ARE YOU READING THIS? :p

He had lots of cradle cap on his ears and eyebrows but now it's gone. That on the scalp remains though... But still very cute!

Our (long) bean in a pod!

Getting too long for the bassinet?

Handsome little sailor

And yesterday, ZK wore new clothes! Look at our little sailor! Finally enjoying the gym!

He made some funny faces on the way to brunch.. And no, he wasn't trying to poop :p

Tried to take passport photo again but ended up with more funny photos :p

Cheeky me shall spoil this shot!

Hello Mama! *sweet*

PS: Papa says I look like 张国荣 here!

Ok, enough photos... I don't want already... *whine*

I'm going to bed...

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  1. such a good looking little chap! And yes same here, I also have alot of pictures of YX and baby and very little of me and baby!!


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