Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Third week with ZK :)

ZK is sleeping!!!! Not on me and not on our bed but in his own bed! :) So I managed to upload some pictures. Will add my usual commentary later using the iPad while nursing...

Photo with doc at my two-week review:

And things went downhill after the first two weeks - he would cry when put in his bed and he started nursing every hour!! We ended up with him in our bed for many days and many nights cos he could only sleep after nursing lying down! :(

There were times when I would wake suddenly, terrified that I had suffocated the little person next to me. Of course I didn't but I did shoryuken-ed him once *.* And once, I woke to find that instead of facing me (my boob), he was facing the other side! I didn't know how he got there but it was scary; he could have flipped on his face!

It was pretty distressing... Jo recommended this nurse in KL so I called her to seek her advice on Monday. I had a list of questions but after asking one, she "interviewed" me and went on to cover everything I had to ask! Then she suggested that we nurse him well and make him sleep at least 14 hours a day, that I eat a bigger breakfast, and that I eat cheesecake once a week to make my milk richer! Love that last one :)

So the next morning after his morning feed, I went downstairs to buy bread and have some soft-boiled eggs at Ya Kun - I haven't had those eggs for years!! And the following morning, I made six hard-boiled eggs, ate one and kept the rest in the fridge - one egg every morning!

Anyway, now, photo time!

ZK and his friend! Actually, I put his friend on him; he's still ignoring this cute friend *.*

Trying on our baby carrier. I swear I didn't ask to be photographed from above to look slimmer :p Cos could not see ZK otherwise!

He always looks so cute when we're burping him! 一粒小球!

Sleeping time is the best time cut his nails! That was the second time I cut them. The third time, I snipped a bit of his tender flesh of his pinky :( Thankfully it ddn't hurt; he didn't make a sound about it.

Let's play "spot the baby"!

Ta-da!! :p

I like to dig my nails into my cheeks!

ZK has hairy everything. Took pictures of his hairy left ear, arm and leg one day while nursing :p Perhaps that's why he looks rather tanned..?

Our lunch at Swensen's - he's so tiny in the big stroller! I had to nurse him during dessert time, and I hid under my nursing cover all the way home!

Another awesome pose! Say hi!

He fell asleep in my arms and I dared not put him in his bed lest he started fussing so I let him slip down onto the bed and lean against me. 一条小虫!

And then he smiled! :) Fine, it's still involuntary but I love it! Can't wait for his conscious smile...

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