Sunday, 26 August 2012

First separation

I just put my baby down in his bed after a night feed. Yes, his bed, not bassinet. And it's in his own room, not ours. We decided to make the transition last night.

I squatted there - it's a floor bed - and looked at him for a short while before I stepped out. He was sleeping well. Still is as I type while pumping, apart from the random grunt coming through the baby monitor.

Our first separation :(

And I'm the one with separation anxiety o_O

This is a small step towards his independence. No matter how 舍不得 I feel, he will leave my side one day. Now, it's just sleeping in different rooms. Soon, he'll go to infant care while I go to work. As he grows and goes to school, he'll make his own friends and want to hang out with them. Then he'll start work, get married and - omg - move out.

As parents, we have to recognise that our kids will have their own life. And it's our role and responsibility to guide them onwards independence.

So, I must learn to let go. Can't hold on to him forever, and shouldn't. But a little absence makes the heart fonder right? Going to read more on attachment parenting in the coming weeks...

Back to bed..

PS: I took this after posting yesterday - he was so sound asleep and blissfully unaware that he had taken a small step away from Papa and Mama..

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