Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Almost walking..

This morning, the IFC teacher went MIA.

I arrived at 7.15 am to find the kindy teacher carrying a five-month-old. Apparently, the usual teacher was on leave for her son's enlistment. But the covering teacher wasn't very well the past few days and she could be on MC. Or she forgot. And the second teacher wouldn't be in until 8 am.

While the kindy teacher contacted the necessary people, I brought ZK around the ground floor - he messed up the book shelf, tried to pull a card out of an older boy's hands, almost climbed up to sit on a little chair, reached out to touch a jiejie's arm (she had food in her hand), took over a toy from under a jiejie's nose, beat the crap out of the box holding the fire extinguisher.

More kids came in, most of them in pre-nursery. Then as I was roaming the room with ZK, I heard her, "oh no, the twins are here!" Poor teacher, she was really stressed with having to watch over so many kids!

But luckily the twins' mum and helper stayed on to help while we all waited for reinforcement. Which came in the form of...the auntie! She cooks and does general stuff at the centre. The kindy teacher asked her to help watch over the older kids while she led the IFC group upstairs. She put the five-month-old in a rocker - he was happy there - and picked up ZK who started crying after I put him down.

Poor boy.. Thankfully, he gets distracted with a toy or a little friend or two.

Poor mama too.. Reached home just before 8 am to prepare for work, which started with a 9 am meeting! And I managed to make it in just after 9 am before they started! Phew!

Oh, ya, walking.. So yes, main point is supposed to be that ZK can walk a lot now just by holding one of my hands! Hopefully very soon, he would be able to let go and walk on his own :)

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