Friday, 23 August 2013

Happy Friday!

Because Sito is coming back tonight / tomorrow morning! :))

And my busy period is over - for now at least. Had some survey analysis to do - my first since 2003 hoho! - on top of frequent and super intensive vendor meetings to settle a new IT system at work. The IT system fields are pending final clearance, and the papers have been cleared and submitted for a meeting. Hopefully no change is required after the meeting next Tuesday...

Anyway, point is, now I have time to upload photos! Finally put up photos for August - scroll further down to see a photo parade of my baby, and along the way, enjoy these shots and videos too :)

Cut ZK's hair again on 3 August but we had to wait a little as the baby spa was quite busy.. Nvm, cos ZK was happy!

And he found joy in this old scoop...

Also splashed water around crazily for the first time! He's starting to enjoy himself in water as his membership draws to an end next month.. Oh well, the Buona Vista pool is just downstairs!

That evening, we set him down on the train seat for the first time.. Quite happy!

ZK loves to be with Papa when he's home. We think perhaps he knows he won't get to see Papa on usual days.. He wants to stick to him even on the massage chair..

We also think he likes gadgets. The bigger, the better!

Finally a clear shot of the back of his neck! Curious line down the middle..

This boy has a very clear preference for food. He loves Mum's stewed pear juice.

He also loves chips but only good ones - we had fish and chips for two consecutive Saturdays and while he wanted only chips the first time, he didn't give much attention to them the second time cos they were a bit old! And today, the mashed potato didn't even touch his lips and he pronounced them inedible just by smell - we think he doesn't like cheese unless the smell is masked by, say, chocolate..

His IFC was closed on 7 August so we were home. His morning activity was to play with Papa's instant noodles :)

First I crush them into smaller bits... Then I eat!!

Oh but I should open it first...

Well now! Isn't this a familiar scene?! :p

Day after National Day, I gave him the NDP funpack light stick to play with. At first, the length made him fall backwards to the floor! Then he managed it better and kept trying to pull out the tip - to eat of course!

Same day but his clothes got wet from a leaky bottle. I like him in this sleeveless tee - so beng, so cute :p And I love this series of photos with Papa!

Waving his flag frantically while Sito made a face.

My boys happened to be looking my way :)

Back to his flag..

And I love this expression!!

Wanted to take a picture but ended up with a video instead..

Once, he went behind me and leaned on my shoulders, shifting his head from left shoulder to right shoulder, playing with me! It was so fun :)

Oh, I've decided since that day to let him wear shorts or pants. His legs are getting longer - so long that it seems obscene to not wear bottoms haha! Time to learn anyway.. I'm sure time will fly to the point when we'll have to toilet train him...

The next day, he wore his dried clothes from Saturday am :p And cos he just had some milk, we walked around a bit before baby spa. Found a random bike in Mothercare - he knew how to get on with some support :)

Just yesterday evening, I barely removed his bottle and stuffed in his pacifier when he flipped into this position and continued sleeping. Probably cos his back was very warm against the bed as he was having his milk..

Just now when I went in, he was sleeping in this position too. I bet he would be sitting on the floor when he wakes me later. The past week, he hasn't been sleeping well. I ended up just sleeping on his bed while he rolled around, sometimes onto me. A couple of times, he walked out of his room and came back shortly!

Oh ya, he can walk a lot more now. Quite funny sight cos he's not very steady yet, still walking like a penguin :) And I realised this morning that I should keep a tighter watch on him cos walking is quieter than crawling! No more little hands slapping the laminate floor or little knees squeaking against the tiles! Can't wait to bring him out tmr for a baby walkabout :)

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