Sunday, 18 August 2013

ZK is 13 months old!

And six days... I forgot he turned 13 months on Monday, losing track *.*

So Sito went back to work on Thursday and Friday. And so suay, I had to bring my laptop home on those two days!

But my frustration at that disappeared on Thursday when ZK walked towards me at the IFC. He walked 10 little steps! (Yes, I was counting!) The best part was, when he lost his balance, he didn't start crawling; he stood and tried to walk again. Ah, the internal drive to walk is showing!

Now he can pat his chest when asked who ZK referred to. He did that during his dinner. Super cute :)

This was in school - Teacher D sent me this photo :)

Source: Teacher D

He can also pat his head - quite hard! - when I ask about his head. But he isn't consistent. Sometimes, he would ignore us..

That evening, I also discovered that his upper right front tooth had cut through! The growth rate seemed faster than that of his lower left front tooth, which is still 1 mm with its neighbour showing only its tip for the past two weeks. Just a week ago, I could only see the white under the gums on top.. So fast.. And yesterday, I thought I felt the rough edges of his upper left front tooth too but I'll have to verify that when he next allows me to put my finger into his mouth..

He was drinking milk when he started pulling his hair, his very short hair. Has he just discovered hair?? So fun to watch :)

Friday, yes, laptop home again but I left work earlier so that I had time to drop it at home before fetching ZK. No need to walk down the IFC stairs gingerly balancing my 10 kg baby on my left and three bags - his bag, my bag, my laptop bag - probably totalling 10 kg as well on my right! Now, I just hope that ZK would wake before 7 am (but not waaay before!) on Monday so that I could send him to school then come back to get ready. Else, I would have to do the same balancing act but going uphill. I've done it before - not fun!!

Yesterday, ZK walked around in the MRT train on the way to and from Harbourfront. He was so happy! Will upload pictures and video next week.

I want to hold on to the pole..

... and the hand rail on top too!

And Mama was so busy filming him that I let his stroller roll off!

A digression on his new umbrella stroller..

We got him a new umbrella stroller! He sat in it within an hour of its arrival! What's with that look, baby?

Went to Mother's place but I forgot about all the stairs... Luckily, it was quite light.. Check out the smallness next to a regular stroller:

His second time in his umbrella stroller - with shoes!

Anyway, he's also babbling a lot. And he would point to things he notices. Now he can spot cats and dogs very quickly! Once I thought he was pointing to a passing car but no, he was pointing at the dog across the street!

I had to work yesterday so Sito sent him to school and fetched him back. He told me that when they got home, ZK found the vitamin bottle on the floor - yes, we give him random household things to play with! - and went to his treasure box to search for the cover for it. So smart to recognise the cover but how come cannot pop blocks into the same shaped holes?? He has a couple of toys to match shapes and he would pull up the entire cover with the shaped holes and put the blocks in directly!

This morning, we went out for my breakfast and grocery shopping. But no chance to put him down to walk. When we got home, however, he decided to walk and walk and walk!

Upgrade back to his regular stroller - but with shoes!

He also played a lot on his own, which was good cos there was a lot to do this morning - keeping laundry, preparing his bag for tmr, unpacking work bag from yesterday etc. I gave him a magazine from my work bag and within seconds, the cover was off! He also tore his flag quite badly... And on Friday, I was carrying him when he reached up and pulled a paper crane off a hanging ornament! 破坏王!!

Oh but something happened yesterday while he was playing on his own during the parents' nap. When he got sian and woke me, I found that the orange in his book of fruits no longer had a stem, just like the apple and mango which had also lost their green stem... I found wet bits of paper on the floor BUT none of them was green *.* I don't want to imagine where it is...

Anyway, when I finally managed to sit down with him, it was to cut his fingernails. I took about an hour - an hour! to cut the left side *.* He usually snatched over the clipper and tried to stuff it in his mouth, or running all over the place with him tailing him, sighs.. Managed to cut the right side as he fell asleep just now. He dozed off after less than a minute of struggling in my arms - woke before 6 am this morning.

After a bout of late waking last week, he has been waking earlier this week and more often during the night. Blame it on his teething.. But it was tough on me, me who has a couple of ulcers again.. Last night, I was in pain but luckily Sito was able to calm ZK down for his first waking after midnight. Won't be so lucky tonight - Sito is going to Japan tonight for work and won't be back until the wee hours of next Saturday! :( And the worse :( is that we could have gone with him for free, kindly offered by his boss! But we aren't sure about the radiation, with ZK so small so we pass up the chance.. Man, I miss going to Japan!

Anyway, I'd better go prepare for my lunch appointment later, before ZK wakes. Be meeting a friend whom I haven't seen for a year and who also suffered a miscarriage lately, just a couple of weeks after me. Lots to catch up!

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  1. SX does the same thing with the shapes thing. She insists on pulling the whole thing up and just refuses to put them in correctly. What is up with these rebellious babies! =P


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