Friday, 30 August 2013

Back to my 20s

This afternoon, I sent an SMS to Sito on something totally frivolous and which could wait until after work. And he replied! I was very happy :)

Sometimes, in the midst of a busy day, isn't nice to contact a loved one and to hear from him? :)

(The SMS - I asked Sito if I should get a new small sling bag that's big enough to hold a brolly and a water bottle. He said yes :) so I bought a cheap one!)

Except that I was hardly busy - I was on the way to town to shop and have a facial! Claiming my off day from weekend events to rest but I was rushing in the morning cos ZK woke later than expected. After sending him to IFC, I rushed to get soy milk for Sito's breakfast.

Then I packed more of ZK's clothes into storage while waiting for the dryer to be done so that I could go out. But I decided to check work email and the dryer was done before I was done with work! Ended up rushing to head out to Ikea where I finally took my time to walk about. But the showrooms were too nice and I lingered too much. Had to rush to pay and go home to put down the stuff so that I had time for Daiso before facial.

Actually, quite busy right? :p

But the facial was relaxing. As usual, had a good chat with my long-time massage and facial therapist before dozing off during the mask. Actually, I think I was out even before that..

But something sad came up too.. I had a body scrub before the facial as I had an extra side treatment that I didn't utilise the last time I was there, which was December last year. And when she was scrubbing my belly..

mf: 肚皮松了⋯⋯
M: 脚也松了。
mf: Huh? Oh, 小腿啊? (recalling that my calves turned soft after my post-delivery massage drained out lots of water from there)
M: 大腿也是,以前多么firm...


Should have saved the bag shopping for after facial :(

Anyway, that M should say that was interesting. Just two hours before, I felt my 以前...

As I walked into Plaza Sing, I had this odd feeling - I felt strangely single despite the rock on my finger! Not just baby-free, you know, but single! Perhaps cos I saw my reflection. I was wearing this pink and slightly off-shoulder top that I used to wear a lot in my 20s, and a super mini mini skirt also from my 20s that I'd probably have to give up should the cellulite ever decide to take up permanent residence in my thighs.

But I wore those a lot when we were dating too and even after we got married. I figured it was the place - we used to go there quite a bit. But more than that, I think, I felt young today. I felt like I was back in my 20s, going to town all the time, watching movies with Sito, looking for makan places etc.

Do I miss my 20s? I think I do, or at least I miss some specific aspects of then - I miss the freedom I had; I miss the frequent dates and the fun we used to have; I miss being able to do anything I liked at the drop of a hat; I miss my firm body of course!

Do I want to go back to my 20s? In thoughts, yes, it was nice to revisit that feeling today. But I like myself better now, and my 肚皮 is flabby for a very good reason. I was reminded of that very good reason as I dashed by the statue of the jelly babies on my way out of Plaza Sing. Yes, it was time to rush again - home to fetch my baby :)

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