Sunday, 11 August 2013

Happy National Day!

My toes celebrate with me!

Ok, two days late cos I was working on National Day and we were watching a movie last night.. So long as I'm in this job, I'll always be working on National Day, sighs.. No hope of balloting for parade tickets or sitting in front of TV watching the parade.

I like to watch the parade, especially "live" at ground zero where the atmosphere is simply amazing. I like to watch the VIPs march in and catch anyone who doesn't sing the anthem or national songs :p I like to watch the parachuters do their formations and descend to thunderous applause. I like to see the soaring jets fly by and be momentarily deafened by the roar. I like to hum along to the choir as they lead the crowd in the national songs, and the old ones can make me cry. I like the fireworks at the end and the burning smell if I'm at the parade.

Watching ZK wave his little flag happily these few days, like I once did, I wondered what went through his mind. I have been telling him about National Day and Singapore but he's probably too young to understand. Someday, however, he will, and I hope he will love this little country like I do.

Many things now are different from my childhood. Every so often, I get little notes from his school informing us when they are celebrating the various festivals and the school compound will have hanging posters and handicrafts commemorating these festivals. I don't remember much of celebrating festivals before primary school except for National Day, probably because we got to sing a lot and I loved and still love to sing.

I think I just need to be more observant and I would be able to see his world through his eyes. In the words of the judges for all those singing and talent competitions on TV, ZK's personality is really coming through... He has been pointing a lot - to things he sees, to where he wants to be, to whatever he likes.

On Thursday, I brought him to Happy Willow. He was so happy there! We walked a lot between the toddlers' area and the "cafe" because there were so many things he wanted to play with! He could get on and off the wooden horse by himself, although I must keep watch in case he lost his balance. He also pretended to wash his hands under the fake tap! (Although he might not have known it as pretending!) I brought him to wash his hands after my toilet trip which he insisted on coming along while at Na's place earlier. Then at the "cafe", when I asked him to wash his hands, a little girl did that and he followed!

There was a party there and there were balloons on sticks lying around. He was so excited to have found one - and then another! He chose the new one over the old - bah! He simply wouldn't let go even as he crawled around playing with various stuff. But I managed to whisk it away sneakily..

He opened and closed the cabinet many, many times...

Yesterday, as we were walking towards Plaza Sing, he pointed excitedly at the statue of the jelly babies and babbled duh duh duh! We went closer for a look and on our way out, he so wanted to be near it that we took a photo - took a bit of time getting him to face the front though.. Photo to be uploaded soon...

On our way to baby spa, he got excited at the Build-a-Bear Workshop so we went in after baby spa. He was wearing shoes so we held his hands and walked him towards a little stuffed dog. He kept pointing to the dog and almost wanted to sit on the floor!

Love that face full of wonder as we walk past things that catch his fancy. Yes, his personality is coming through indeed :)

It was a very good weekend. We slept a lot! Yesterday, ZK woke at 8 plus - very amazing! I just wanted to go have a look but he lifted his head when I went in - he might have slept more if not for me! Not the first time already.. Perhaps next time I should be less kaypoh..

Anyway, I napped with him a lot. Even after he woke from his afternoon nap yesterday, I just left him on the floor and continued napping :p The room door was shut but everything within reach was safe to touch. He played on his own for some 30-40 min! So proud of him :)

Went to baby spa again today - at Harbourfront. He had a great time too. And we went to the Build-a-Bear Workshop there too! Seems like our malls are quite similar hur... Bumped into gynae's nurse whose daughter is two months younger. ZK was friendly and reached out to touch her face. He even waved bye bye at my first request!

Speaking of baby spa, yesterday, we saw the pretty aunty from Harbourfront who was transferred to Plaza Sing. She was very happy to see us - actually, just ZK! - and told us that she was wondering what if ZK wanted to cut his hair and she was not there, as she was usually the one doing it. We always thought some of the staff at the Harbourfront branch really liked ZK. We feel fortunate that our baby is well doted on by others too :)

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