Saturday, 17 August 2013

Good vs. great husband

Was it Sunday? I was just thinking 男人真好命,吃了饭可以坐下来看电视, when Sito turned to me and asked if I needed help. Yes, I did! So he helped me to keep ZK's clothes.

Sito has been getting days off - at first, it was just Monday. Then Monday night, he learnt that he would be getting Tuesday off. Then Tuesday night, he learnt that he would be getting Wednesday off! It was all unplanned so I didn't take leave.

But we did meet for lunch at Keisuke Tonkotsu King near my workplace on Tuesday :) We then went to buy diapers as they were on sale! Four big packs! He brought two home while I kept two at the office so that I could bring straight to IFC next time. He walked me back to my office and we parted there. After he left, the lady at the security counter said this, "So sweet.. You should have sealed with a kiss.." So funny!!

Sito fetched ZK on all three days while I packed our dinner on the way home. And with practice, Sito got better at helping out! I came out of ZK's room to a tidy kitchen. No toy on floor, no rubbish on the dining table - I only had to wash ZK's bottles!

Ahhh, so nice to have him around :)

I'm always envious when I hear of husbands who help out a lot, be it in the house or with the kids or, better, both. My husband is, first of all, seldom at home on weekdays. When he's home, he usually wakes up late. When he's awake, he may be clueless as to what to do to help. I have also realised that I need to give very specific instructions. But that's also I'm very precise in where I keep things and how I do things.

Sometimes, Sito would tell me that he's not a good husband. But he's actually a good husband! Just that now that we have a kid, he's thinking "husband" and "father" separately instead of "husband and father", together. There's a lot more to do now. Even when we get full-time help, which we hope would happen by end of next month, I would still need his help cos there are certain things that parents should do, like playing with kids.

Anyway, he can learn, like I did. It's not like I was born with the innate ability to fold his shirts nicely, mop every corner or bathe the little one. And as we watch ZK learn, we should really be motivated. When was the last time we really learnt something new?

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