Thursday, 8 August 2013


I started hitting my fave pair of hands in the world, sighs...

Last week, I hit ZK's palm when he threw his milk bottle everywhere. He smiled at me and started clapping - fail!

I told and demo-ed to Sito over the weekend and he said it was not painful so there was no impact.

So this week, when he threw his bread all over the place, I hit the back of his hand, and hard. He stared at me, confused, and whined a little. He ate the next few bits but started throwing soon again. I didn't want to use food as punishment so I ended his sandwich time and gave him more milk instead before bed.

My poor little boy - his hand was a little red :(

But at least he's starting to learn that when he does something he shouldn't, he would have to suffer some consequence.

Actually, I didn't want to use physical punishment. But I realised in the past two weeks that at this age, reasoning is not going to work. I hope he can quickly understand more and more.

Anyway, we went to find Na today. I carried QY for a few seconds - both babies didn't like that at all!! Returned QY to her mummy and picked up my baby instead, gee... He's a little bit sticky lately, been whining and sometimes crying when I left him at IFC, and looking for me whenever I was out of sight in the house. I need to assure him more of my existence even when I'm not within sight, and that when I leave, I will always, always come back to my baby :)

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