Monday, 5 August 2013

Baby randoms

Zk has a wider forehead than me. He's one. I'm 33.


Last weekend, Sito said ZK looked fatter than a week ago. It's true - just now, I found that his fat thighs could no longer fit into his relatively new PJs! The PJs are now buttoned at the crotch and above - half of them are hanging loose next to his legs! Time to whip out his newer PJs which are the next size..

ZK can now stand for his shower! The first few times we tried, he kept wanting to kneel or sit. Later, he seemed a little scared. Last weekend, I put on a nonslip mat and ta-da! He stood there nicely for me to wash his hair, his face, his body :) He even turned around and pinched his old friend - milk milk factory! Ouch...

But it wasn't easy washing his butt crack and soles so I still carried him up at the end to wash those areas. Good start!

Next milestone - shower him without showering me.

Update 8 Aug 2013:
Showered him without showering me yesterday! Legs got a bit wet though.. Less wet today, and he was very happy! :)

My son is quite the sadist. Recently, he likes to pinch. Besides pinching me in the shower, he also likes to pinch the inner part of my upper arm when he's lying in my arms. That's very painful - try it yourself!

Or he would find my protruding collarbones funny or something and try to scratch them - with his very sharp nails!

He also likes to hit my face with his fists or palms. Maybe he's trying to pat me - I pat him to sleep sometimes and he does the same to me with his left hand on my back. Just that his patting is super hard!

I've been very abused *.*

He loves to sleep like a frog, faced down. Adjust him and he starts stirring! Ok, frog, you shall be then!

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