Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Eat, ZK, eat!

I was so happy this evening - my little boy finished his bread and drank some milk!

He was feverish on Saturday. Although that went down by Sunday, he developed a slight cough with a lot of phlegm. And he started to take less of everything - breakfast, lunch, dinner, milk. The fever returned every night until last night. His cough got worse. Although he continued to eat and drink in school, probably cos he saw other babies doing so, he refused food and milk at home for the past two days.

Actually, he refused proper food, cos he still wanted his Gerber puffs *.* I was afraid he would be hungry without some milk when he woke so I gave him some puffs to see if he would take them. Of course he did, the little picky eater! Luckily, he was willing to have water. Else I wouldn't be able to give him the puffs. I have been quite worried cos he used to eat everything even when he was ill. The last time, he even welcomed medicine!

Then this morning, he finally took some milk AND some medicine! I put some puffs in the box on his activity table and let him find them. Then I placed his water bottle and his milk bottle on the floor for him to choose. He picked the milk bottle! :) But he didn't hold the thing high enough. After a while, I carried him to drink. I also managed to give him cough medicine when I used his spoon instead of the syringe! Big boy ah..

And just now, I placed a piece of multigrain bread with butter spread on his food tray. He was hesitant at first. And then he picked it up and started his messy eating! He also took his medicine and had some milk after that, better than nothing! And he was smiling during dinner and at the changing table - think it helped that our part-time help was around; he was fascinated with her and the hoover ^.^ Later, he was happy when I played with him in his room. He became even happier when he discovered the humidifier! Yes, every new gadget within reach will become his new toy *.*

I decided on the humidifier on Monday night and rushed through Tuesday lunch to get it - had to go to Isetan Scotts for the discount and send it home before going back to office again! I could hardly stand when I got to my desk. Not to mention that I was feeling unwell too - this baby virus was potent..

Hope he will sleep better tonight and be better when he wakes tomorrow morning. And of course, eat more real food and put on the weight he's lost in the past few days!

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