Tuesday, 9 August 2005

Do you celebrate National Day?

I don't, I admit that to me, it's just another public holiday that salarymen and office ladies rejoice over. But today - rather, Mon - at work, I went for the National Day Observance Ceremony.

It started off with the National Anthem. Tried to sing along but realised that the 12 long years of singing it in school have been completely eradicated by the subsequent seven years of non-institutionalised life. Well, almost - I could still remember the first and last few words of the song but only those. Consoled myself that at least I knew that the chorus should be repeated. The chap raising the flag obviously did not, for the flag was suddenly rising with great speed towards the end of the first chorus before creeping the remaining 10cm to the top during the second :p

What next but the Pledge? I was struggling a little with the words but a few weeks/ months ago, SY and I were just singing the Pledge in Citylink, part of one of those patriotic songs.. Then, something unexpected but totally cute happened: the kids started saying the Pledge in Mandarin right after the English one!

I thought the kids were the highlight of the whole event, dancing to great cheers from the audience. One dance featured super sexy costumes for the girls and damn cool vests for the boys. Talk about starting (SDU) young..

Happy to have my veneer done today *Smile very widely* But I was quite pissed at Spinelli *smile drops* before the clinic cos my lappy case had to fall on spilled coffee! The bag was officially ruined.. =( Btw, if you want to find out how much dust and dirt is in your keyboard, drop it at a gentle height upside down. The fallout can be so damn gross! :p

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