Tuesday, 16 August 2005

Write good Engrish, ok!

It's 8pm and I've just finished what I set out to complete at work today. Which only means that I've left those new tasks - and a number of old ones - untouched. That sucks but that's for the rest of the week; now I blog. I'm a, um, live-for-only-now person (gaaar, think there is a term for it but I'm too stoned to think). No, no la, not really.

Anyway, mf, stop blabbering, you have a non-work task on this space today..

Saw a message that went: wondering can whatever blah or not?

Can this be eaten or not?
I don't know whether he will go or not?
Is it true or not?

Now, will everyone stop that?! Or not?! :p

You get my point..

* Disclaimer: Actually, I don't know if it's really wrong to say that (no! No "or not"!!) but it just doesn't sound nice/ right..
** Indemnity claim (now how does this differ from disclaimer??): I believe I'm guilty too at some point :p Ok, I'll be satisfied if I don't see that in writing anymore! *Change "speak" to "write" in title*

1 comment:

  1. what about 'can or not?' can or not? hahahaha....

    if you want to kill this, you have got to offer an alternative. like, 'yes or no?' or sth which you deem grammatical and acceptable.

    and while we are correcting, might as well throw in the 'english' for 'engrish' also.



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