Tuesday, 2 August 2005

The importance of being potty..

Remember that a while ago, Gwen commented that she finally could understand why I was so trigger-happy when in Oxford.. Of course must take pictures la! The polariods - now jpegs - will still be there when age confuses our brains to lock the memories and throw away the key!

Now, introducing: The Three Monkeys!

My fav boys..

.. albeit demented

Um, plus one to the list of demented chaps?

Eh, thought parts of me looking weird here.. Nvm! And hey YX, this is supposed to be a "normal" shot!

Retake! But he had to do the ears thing, I gave the finger at the last moment - hence the blur - even while calmly flashing my pearlie whites..


.. is a blurred shot of

First shot very "The Ring" right? :p

Finally the prata!

Ok, busy with supping, no more silly deeds.. Till next round!


  1. cheah tse booon says - wah liew..
    go prata oso never jio me..U steady ahz...looks good and fun...

  2. wa..... point finger ar.. tot u so guai guai one lolz..

  3. Thanx for the link. I linked you.

  4. tsk tsk... see what prata do to people. Beware, all you young kids out there!


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