Tuesday, 9 August 2005

What's in a smile?

Ten pearlie whites showing like Julia Roberts? I show only six; on average, people show eight upper teeth.

LC told me one day that my smile brightened her day - I was somehow quite touched. I remember somewhere in my tattered autograph book, someone penned "charming smile" but never defined "charming". Then today, I found two short and sweet (really) messages in my inbox complimenting my smile, and they sounded happy. Glad for such warm messages after some really crappy cold calls.

But hey, when I don't smile, I can look pretty fierce ok..

Anyways.. Yes, what's in a smile? I put myself on the receiving end, thinking of the times when friends spread their contagious smile or laughter. Then I conclude it cannot be just the physical; you have to radiate a certain joy to make a smile more than simply the mechanical contraction of facial muscles. And of course the people being smiled at must be ready to share in this joyful friendship or whatever-ship else any smile however lovely won't ever reflect off their faces, right? :)

And to add to that, I just had my veneer done! I know I've said it before but must emphasise cos Na, there really is a
birthday for each tooth, this particular one is born 8 Aug 2005 =D

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