Saturday, 27 August 2005

mf on hiatus

Been gone for more than a week - that's unusual if you've been following this space. So this will be long - and that's nothing unusual :)

To sum up, I was damn tired last week. First late night out with YX, WX and YS at Jazz@SouthBridge for drinks. Learnt a new greeting: kawaii to you! =D Second was Union on Thurs, when I learnt a bit of on-2. When I got back, was on the phone for a while before finally falling asleep with my ear piece in my ears and my phone by my head. Woke at 8am the next day to find my ear piece around my neck and my phone buried somewhere in my blanket.. Then I had TWO sinful suppers on Fri night with the same people that was number three, and dinner and drinks with the Oxonians on the fourth consecutive late night.

Four late nights in a row for me were simply unheard of since the good old days of Oxford! Had a bit of rest on Sunday but thought I still looked like shit on Mon and Tues. Normality asserted its position only this Wed, thankfully resurrected by a horribly satisfying (oh I like the pain man..) aerobic session on Tues evening when I flew out of office at 6pm SHARP.


I was on leave last Fri and met Miki and her husband Shouhei for breakfast at Paragon. They just took their wedding photos on the day before and I looked through their shots of the preparation process. So pretty! Miki-chan, bijin dayo! :)

Oh, while waiting for them outside Ferragamo, I saw two pigeons chasing after some seed rolling down a slope but flew off when two crows swooped down at the seed. One of them seemed to find the thing unpalatable but the second crow hopped off with the thing between its beak. Taught me two lessons early in the morning: 1) there's always someone stronger; and 2) after all the fight, you may end up with something you have no use for.

It was back to school in the pm. The canteen stalls were still the same and my fav stalls were still operated by the same aunties and uncles. Chatted a bit with auntie who still recognised me and - get this - called me pretty girl *there I go again* And then I said hi to uncle at the rice stall who refused to let me pay for the vege and eggs - so nice of him and so paiseh of me!

Oh, all six of us old boys and girls - Na, WX, YS, Tok, mf and Sito who joined us after his lessons - at that canteen table could speak Jap to various degrees of proficiency!

Mrs Yeo was having a class at

Our lab!

When the bell rang, we went in and I headed straight for my seat at the back row.

Then something totally hilarious happened - Mrs Yeo mistook YS for *gasp* TCL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oops, I just lost ten pounds - not weight, MONEY! Reason? YS owed me $10 from Wed drinks but he didn't have cash with him and he left for UK on Tues. So I said he could put ten pounds in my Barclays :p But he wouldn't do it if I blogged about the mistaken identity. Well, sorry YS, I've decided I don't need ten pounds afterall!!

She still had an hour of lesson so we next popped into Sito's class in the next lab. Then, I realised I'd forgotten what this was:

(I mistook the poor retort stand for a tripod)

And I stared at the word NaOH and couldn't recognise what it meant. I knew NA=sodium but OH=?? As Na put it, our education system had failed - the superb mf had forgotten all that had put the brilliance on her academic track! But then again, do I really need to know what NaOH stand for?

We left after a while and roamed around, checked out the new TC block before drifting to the adjoining TA block and rooting our butts in TA28, right next to TA27 when Mrs Yeo was having her class. The classrooms were more colourful now, perhaps a bit OTT but admittedly more exciting than the ancient grey-washed walls of the last century. Recalled our CT room TB33. See the noticeboard? We filled it up with cheerful sunflowers and pink bubbles encapsulating our names :)

It was the usual thing when Mrs Yeo popped over after her class: did we come to send her (wedding) invites? Well, no :p And she would ask after all our work and some other people who weren't there. Think only WX and MVS are still studying, the rest of us have already graduated and almost all are working now.

It was 630pm by the time we walked out to the bus stop. I headed townward for dinner with Miki etc before prata (first supper) with YX, Kel and WX. A serious talk soon gave way to rubbish when we moved into Macs (second supper) for the aircon. Think it started with my nails being long and I said I wanted to cut them..

Kel: I can help you... *slurp*
mf: No way! You TEAR your nails!
YX: I can!
mf: Wa, you cut your nails so short ah..
YX: I don't cut - I bite!
mf: Ewe!
WX: Heh heh!

Somehow someone mentioned that the nails could be ground into powder and taken as calcium supplements.. Think someone (mf?) said that if we were to start collecting now, we should have enough to last our entire old age, save our poor bones!

Then I mentioned a dream I had - I can't seem to recall it now - and Kel analysed it, leading me to say that I was unique, inspired by Miki *wink* Then somehow it led to sending me back to *my* ward and putting me in a straitjacket..

Very confusing rubbish? I think so too! But who can remember the exact details of what has been said at freaking 3am?! :p But I do remember this: that as we were leaving at 3-ish, the girl at the counter asked us if "that was it", if we had "finished laughing"?? So cute right? Before that I noticed she was looking and smiling at us when we were bent over with laughter.. Must have been quite bored doing night shift at Macs..


Brunch date with the girls on Sat meant yet another early day! But the food was good, and the shopping even better - the smell of plastic, oooh! It was SZ's money and cosmetics though :p We said we would do a girly make-up session at my place post-cookout like, 10years late! SZ said we were too occupied with studies when we were 15.. Oh hey, the boys are of course welcome! Cos I have no idea what you can do while we play with make-up :p

Anyway, I ditched the girls for my senpai BH - zhong se qing you? Heh, not really :p - to shop for Miki's wedding gift. It's easy to give angbao (albeit in white envelope by Jap tradition, supposedly) but that wasn't too fun, was it? Final decision was a raunchy lingerie set, pink and brown lacy spaghetti top with boyshorts! Something that benefits both bride and groom, brilliant right? Heh!

Watched Bewitched after getting the gift since dinner wasn't about to happen for another 1.5hour. Wasn't sure if I wanted to watch the show actually but as circumstances would have it, it was that or Wedding Crashers - easy choice :p Turned out disappointing after a nice trailer. But I like the neighbour and her absolute fluffiness :)


Met up with Miki one last time for drinks at TCC on Sunday before she flew off on Mon night. Was caught up with something and couldn't see her off.. But I talked to her and I knew I would see her soon enough, either London, Japan or back here in SG! :)

Started reading Harry Potter that night, exciting! And an idea came to mind; will put into action when I have time..


I wore my red punjabi suit again and as I walked to studio, I saw someone in red on the other side of the frosted doors. "Don't tell me that is.." But it was Sito! What kind of freak coincidence was that that we wore the same top we did a few weeks ago on a Wed??! I resolved not to wear that for Wed anymore..

Thursday onwards

Met CY finally! We were both busy with work and others and with our kind of work/leisure schedules, it was amazing we finally met up for a proper dinner! So envious, she has only less than a year to go before deciding to continue or quit. Even Siok who will be bonded after her ship expedition will finish her one year way before I do my - how many? - four? Ok la, don't need to complain too much, I like my job :)

Um, I'm late, I should probably pretty up and leave for my movie.. Ciao!

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