Sunday, 28 August 2005

I wanna dance!

And I can't sleep! Just watched this Korean show Innocent Steps, which starred the little girl from Autumn in My Heart aka Endless Love. No longer as little but still looking damn young (young as in, it made the guy look paedophilic), she played a Chinese/ North Korean girl who was paid to partner this dancer whose partner left him. She had to pretend to be married to him in order to stay in Seoul. A bit disturbed see her act so grown up but that aside, I love the dance scenes!

I want to dance. NOW!

Have been through waltz, quickstep, tango and the current foxtrot in class. Focus has been waltz for seven weeks of private lessons. My fav must be quickstep or tango, though I admit waltz is growing on me the more I learn it. Think my foxtrot sucks though Mr Low said otherwise *shrug*

But I have a passion in latin dances too! Have learnt chachacha and rumba before but only the very basic. Salsa is more social la but while waiting for the day when I can learn latin properly, I'll enjoy shaking my butt on the salsa floor! Though to be honest, my salsa sucks and I don't really shake all that much! :p

Am contemplating taking up pilates again to know my body better, to loosen myself up for moving those particular muscles to execute the sharp movements in my dancing. But I need to balance my finances well, have already spent like $1,500 on ballroom in the past eight months - not a lot, really, if you ask Dan and Ally. Ok I shall up my private lessons to twice a week, latest by my next pay increment! (Actually don't know when that'll be..)

Oh, may also need to find myself a latin partner if HW takes up latin since Sito will naturally partner her. Then I'll shed my 2" ballroom heels for 3" latin heels! Oops :p But hey partner, I've got no complains in standard ballroom ok, think 3" will kill all my poor toes in those closed-toe shoes.. Anyway, I'm going to shamelessly advertise for a latin partner this much in advance! Specs and photos to be sent to address on left sidebar pls =D

Now, about the movie:

1) I realised that despite not knowing the language, I could tell that her accent was different from the usual Korean in the dramas at the beginning of the show. Pretending to be non-South Korean no doubt. Am I cleber - um, clever - or not? *ok, that wasn't about movie*

2) In the separate interviews to ascertain that their marriage was for real, they told of how they first met and got married etc, with a smile on their face and a dreamy look in their eyes. Interesting how, when you sincerely (want to) believe in something beautiful, you can relate it as though it really has happened..

3) When she first arrived, she said that a firefly would glow from the point it left its cocoon and wait for the one true love; if its one true love did not appear, it would die with the light one day. He argued that the firefly should find its true love and not wait for it, but she wanted to be like the firefly. Then at the end when she decided to leave Seoul but came by to see him secretly, she was walking away from his building when she saw a firefly buzz by. She dashed back to his apartment to find him painting dance steps on his dance floor. She asked him why he did not look for her, to which he replied that the firefly should not wait. I like this reversal of roles; how he had assumed the vacancy of the firefly's world from which she had freed herself. Does it signify that there'll always be one party seeking and the other waiting?

Oh, almost forgot about dinner. I was quite pissed cos despite giving very clear orders to the Country Manna waitress that I wanted the salad dressing BY THE SIDE, I was presented with a plate of vege literally swimming in creamy dressing. Asked for a change. Waiter came back and "give you dressing at the side, you'll also mix right?" Wtf?! Then he muttered something like he would have to pay for that if he got it changed blah blah.. Fine, I'd take it!

But I cleaned up only the chicken slices which were free from the cream. Tried to douse vege in water but results were puke! I've always thought that vege being a healthy choice should never be covered in/ accompanied by unhealthly stuff, namely salad dressing (by the side, ALWAYS), croutons, bacon strips, fried onions. I don't even eat Mother's vege if I find them too greasy or, like she claims, greasy-looking "only". Hey, I'm not that big a health freak la; like, I'd rather take fried cheese (in moderation) than greasy vege. Just can't take it. I miss my own cooking..


Dreams affect my sleep but for once, I hope I dream tonight, I want to dance in my dreams tonight!

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