Tuesday, 9 August 2005

mf made over - and it's still mf!

Went for my very first makeover session wih this relatively new and big image consultant studio, free cos friend who bought their $1,500 (!!) package referred me.

LC said not to make it known beforehand that I had no intention to buy their package but I did make it quite clear I was in a hurry to go at photo viewing time, just before all the cajoling. Well, I never got to the hard-sell part. In fact I didn't even finish looking at the 183 photos cos when the manager heard from my consultant I needed to go and wouldn't want to buy anything, he stopped the slide show and had the consultant burn two complimentary photos (that I chose) and send me on my way! All talk of Photoshop swept under the carpet and forgotten! Not a very good impression..

Anyway I didn't like the photos very much. Either the photographer had a lewd sense of style or I couldn't appreciate it, cos the poses were so odd I felt I was morphing between a failed acrobat to a sultry-fierce-sultry-again whore! So I rejected this pose and that :p See my "normal" shots, the only edits are cropping:

The hair was weird right? I counted - 23 black pins in all! I didn't know my hair could be held in place with just pins, no elastic..

And now the makeup.. Background: I love to paint my face! I do that everyday except on gym days. Usually use Hazeline snow cream as foundation and pile colour on my eyes, lashes and cheeks. Removal takes less than half the time for painting - a minute for each eye and I wash off the blusher in the shower.

But that night when I tried to remove the makeup, I used a vast number of cotton pads for my eyes and foundation - hell, foundation free ah?? My complexion not bad, why did she use so much?? - before washing off with remover - twice - in the shower. Satisfied, I applied toner with cotton only to realise that I still had foundation on my face! I must have used another ten pieces of so trying to get rid of the thing with toner, waterproof eye makeup remover, even Hazeline! Then I washed my face again. Apprehensively, I wiped toner-soaked cotton across and.. it finally came off clean! *Sweat*

I had planned to um, take photos of myself - the before of a revamp :p but I'm feeling slack, maybe another day. Today I shall finish my Kenshin OVA :)


  1. I like the first picture more. You look good. But then, I've never seen you before the makeover. Still, you look good.

  2. Trust me. I've seen her with and without the makeover... That makeover's seriously not worth the trouble... It was a disaster... She looks way prettier than she does in the photo... Especially when she's not caked in foundation.. =)

  3. i like the second one...
    mf needs as little makeup as possible. al naturale


  4. haha i think i'd prefer you in ur natural look! the photos u have in this blog looks so much better than the makeover ones. i've seen photos of makeovers and they are so fake! haiyo... lol

  5. /agree.

    i feel u look best in person with minimal (or no) makeup on.



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