Sunday, 14 August 2005

It's Sunday already?!

Wrote a whole load of shit then decided to delete the lot cos it was boring.. Just some bits here - still boring I know but at least it's shorter :p

1) Met up with Miki Fri night - she just got married! Congrats! :) Na and Sito joined us mid-dinner and what followed was a whole host of hillarious rubbish :p

2) There are only two Armenians in SG today, the smallest minority but they have the oldest church in SG - you can easily guess the location, can't you?

3) Sat was my first proper shopping trip this year, yes, YEAR. But SY and I stayed empty-handed until I dropped and cracked an eye shadow compact and was asked to buy it.. Eh, there wasn't any sign that said I had to buy if I were to break anything! But I didn't need a sour-faced salesgirl to spoil my happy mood so I bought it, not expensive anyway. Still, warning: be careful with the stuff in Basic Beauty (Heeren) - you don't want to knock over something too expensive.

4) The forced purchase seemed to open the way to better things - willingly handed over plastic in exchange for a pretty pretty top :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi, long time no see!! I'm glad I found you again... and I really like your new photo, you look like a movie star!! :-)


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