Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Baby babble

The other day, ZK turned to me with a serious look and launched into some serious baby speech.

"Mama, I really like the toy box you prepared for me but I think you need to fill it to the brim, and please note that I much prefer the noisy wooden blocks to the solid ones and that tomorrow is a good deadline for this request to be met."

Of course I imagined the content of his speech. But that look and that tone were unmistakably those of someone in charge ~.~

As we held hands in the middle of the living room, I really wanted to laugh cos I had no idea what he just said. And that serious face! But, you don't laugh at your child when he's being so serious right? So I mirrored his serious face and replied, "Oh really? Wow, that's amazing!" Or something like that. And he went on his way.

Just now, he threw his pacifier aside and babbled non-stop while rolling about in bed. After a while, it seemed like his babbling was preventing sleep from happening so I stuffed his pacifier into his open mouth. ... And he babbled through the pacifier!!! Gaaar! But he eventually fell asleep.

These days, he can say more than duh duh duh. Last weekend, he was practising rolling his tongue with a-re a-re a-re a-re! And was it Monday when he kept going uh-oh for no apparent reason?

A sample of his babbling taken a few days later:

I can't wait for him to develop proper speech :)

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