Saturday, 7 September 2013

While ZK enjoys himself in IFC...

Mama is very proud again today. I happened to look at a wall in his IFC and found these:

I didn't know he did art and craft in school! There were more, like handprints and sticking shapes on disposable plates, but they were old and taken down.

Things I'm too lazy to do at home *guilty*

There are other instances that make me glad he's in IFC.

Just on Monday, we got in a little late and the twins were already there. He got down, went to Sophia and took the toy she was holding away GENTLY. And then he suddenly flashed this near toothless smile that had his upper lips pulled up and straight and his eyes all squinting! Sophia didn't look amused hoho! But she didn't look pissed either. I saw this through the door window and left laughing :)

And last week, he started handling my leaving better. And by mid week, the teacher barely took him and he turned to me and waved bye bye! I was relieved that he was fine, but I couldn't help feeling dismissed o_O At least, he's always excited and happy to see me at the end of the day..

We sent him to IFC for the past few Saturdays. I was a little guilty two weeks ago when I put him in IFC while I went for a massage... Or perhaps I shouldn't be, cos I decided on the massage after deciding to put him in IFC so that Sito could sleep better; he came back from Japan at almost 4 am on Saturday.

Tried to put him back on his weekend schedule by giving him a snack before his afternoon nap so that he could last until his usual milk time at 4 pm.

We inflated a globe ball that Sito got from his Japan semi-work trip - semi-work cos it was too relaxing!!

And ZK also got a very cute yukata from Papa - very ex though, more than 5000 yen! It's been washed and put aside for ZK to grow into it.

Sito got me a whitening mask and lots of chocolate! Shiroi Koibito and Kit Kat :)

He went to a maid cafe and came back with this which made me feel very unbalanced:

mf: You did the heart thing with a random girl?!
Sito: *shocked*
mf: We've never done that *pout*
Sito: We did!

And he pointed to our minis who are now on our desk *,*


Yes, we had a lot of fun that Saturday.. Even took a video of ZK walking! He's been walking for a while but this is the first video :)

And we went to Star Vista for dinner - it's been a while! We let ZK walk a bit but as we were leading him to the restaurant, he decided to back-lead us to something that caught his interest.. See, looking so intently...

It was the fountain! Ok, when he can walk and run, we'll let him go play at the fountain. There are changing facilities right next to the fountain.

Unfortunately, that Saturday was also the day he started feeling ill. So I said I bought a humidifier on the Tuesday after right.. On Friday, he came home from IFC and spent two seconds at his activity table before going for the humidifier. Yes, we've concluded that he loves gadgets..

He went to IFC again last Saturday, when Sito was quite ill. We didn't do much but I captured a cute look that evening - he's smiling behind his pacifier :)

Somehow, he has recently taken to drag his bolster with him out of the room when he wakes. Gotta keep outside floor very clean too, sighs..

Last Sunday was the second time I brought him to Hans for my breakfast :) But this time, I didn't buy cold stuff from NTUC on the way home so we stopped by the mini playground - mini cos it only has these 小木马-lookalikes.

Brought ZK to sit on a few of them :) But he seemed to think it didn't rock as well!

The Sunday before, we shifted the desk out of the utility room to the living room in preparation for our full-time help. Actually, agent has no suitable ones for us to interview yet but no harm preparing right? And it was quite a good move, really. His bookshelf is now within easy reach!

Can't wait to get him to the library :p

We went out for lunch as Mum went to Malaysia that day. ZK has been eating with his little jerky movement - very cute :)

Or he would bite and hold on to the spoon! Yes, baby, I know - you have some teeth already *.*

Took a walk in the supermarket after lunch. Arguably the fave aisle of both papa and son!!

I decided at Ikea last week that instead of buying more boxes for his toys, I would just use one box and let him play with the content of that one box; all other toys would be kept in bags in the cabinets to wait for their turn with my little one. And I've chosen to include Ding Dang in the box - ZK hadn't played with it for a long time but he seemed to recognise it!

Spent a few days cleaning and drying toys. And yesterday morning, I finally let him loose on the whole box.

It was really tiresome to keep his toys. But well, opportunities to teach housekeeping are plenty!

I'm going back to bed now. After all, that was why I decided to put him in IFC today!

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