Monday, 16 September 2013


Mid Autumn Festival is this Thursday. We had intended to go out last Saturday evening to 提灯笼 but ZK was visibly tired on our way home from town so we decided to shelf the plan.

But as we walked towards our place, what did we see across the road but a progression of people holding lanterns! They were led by a mini lion dance - more like lion walk *.* but that caught our attention.

What were the chances? So we decided to join in! After all, it would be the first time ZK could hold a lantern although this would be his second Mid Autumn Festival.

As we were waiting for the lift to go up for ZK's lantern, Sito mentioned, a bit regretfully, that he would have got a bubble tea had he known we were going to go there. And of course I had harboured that same thought! Greedy plan - he went to get the bubble tea while I went for the lantern :p

We lighted ZK's lantern at the traffic light - burnt off a bit of the "fins" of the traditional cellophane lantern in the shape of a dragonfor our 小龙!When we got to the atrium across the road, we saw so many people! They had goodie bags and were queueing for yummies, and there was a stage with emcees in opera costumes! Yup, it was a CC event - our first since we moved there! Although we didn't really participate from the beginning, heh..

Moving ZK plus shaky Mama = blur ZK with clear Papa *.*

Steady Papa plus bright spotlight = clear ZK with pretty Mama ^.^

ZK was looking blur throughout the 10-15 min we were there. Why so many lights? So many kids? What's this that Mama wants me to hold? We have kept the lantern in storage - can reuse :)

The flame got blown out just before this was taken, oh well! The family photo is a reminder for me to prettify myself all the time - I looked like a wreck that day sighs..

We didn't stay long. Watched a bit of the kids' contest for one with the longest breath holding out "mid autummmmmmmm"! Then we left. Someone gave us pomelo on the way out - haven't had it for this festival for years! :)

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