Tuesday, 10 September 2013

First trip to the library

I must admit that I had harboured high hopes that our ZK would sit at a quiet corner of the library and devour all the books he could lay his hands on.

Well, devour he did, just not in the way I expected!

Last Saturday, we took a late nap and woke at 5.30 pm, too late for baby spa. So we decided to go to Clementi instead. Had dinner at Fish & Co - ZK finished most of a grilled fish fillet.

Then Sito went to the clinic. He's been ill for some two weeks, although I was presenting a more serious bout of cold that day - I don't see the point of seeing a doctor for cold medicine that I can get off the shelf. I'd only see a doctor if I need that MC to rest at home.

Anyway, so ZK and I went to the library, and zoomed straight for the baby area. I sat him down at a quiet corner - see how I tried to orchestrate the materialisation of my high hopes? - and he barely got down when he started grabbing books off the shelf, in blocks of three or four! Hastily put them back and tried to interest him in a picture book.

Nop, we're not at the "devour" part yet.. He was just not interested in the books, not even in eating the pages! He just threw them on the floor. And seeing a bigger boy quietly reading on his own didn't help.

Barely a minute later, he discovered the aisles. And he ran walked like a penguin trying to take off. Only, he kept falling - he doesn't walk as well in shoes.

And then there was some interactive exhibition on one side. He went to the spinning board and touched it while a big brother was playing with it. When he got it for himself and another big brother came to touch it, he pushed his hands off! What anti-social behaviour *.*

After a while, he decided that keyboards were fun, and disturbed yet another older brother who was playing a game. He also had fun climbing up and down the little chair with some help from Mama.

Again, he got bored and noticed some lights by the exhibition. He pulled out the loose bits and started to eat the bulbs!!! Yes, unfortunately, that was what he devoured that day..

My high hopes by then had become humble hopes that he didn't hurt himself or disturb others too much. And as it got late, I decided to pick him up to go. He resisted and ran about a bit more, ending up with a slight knock on his head against the wall as he fell for the nth time. Ah well, he's a tough boy!

Pictures to follow..

This is what I would like him to do:

This was what he really did:

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