Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Roll, roll, roll and sleep

Since last Monday or so, I've been consistently letting ZK go to sleep on his own. Not that I can put him in his bed and go though! I'll put him down, sing to him, talk to him, and sit on the floor next to his bed and wait for him to doze off. He would roll across the entire bed and down to the floor many many times before he eventually stays still and breathes his steady sleeping breath.

Yesterday, he didn't roll much; ZK was out by 8 pm. And I was out by 10.30 pm, woohoo! But I woke at midnight to keep the laundry. And when I went in to check on him, I found him halfway between his bed and the cabinets! I must have been so knocked out that I didn't hear anything cos even if he didn't whine, there would be shuffling noise.

He woke briefly at 4 am and eventually woke at 7.10 am today - only because I pulled up the blinds. The first few seconds of waking, he wasn't too happy :( Sorry but Mama has got to go to work!

He went down much later today, past 8.30 pm. Hope he can sleep well tonight as well and wake past 7 am tomorrow. Then I can prepare for work first and leave the house with him.

I feel so bad sometimes, when I want him to sleep more so that I could do things other than looking after him. There are chores to do :(

But after last Saturday, I've decided to be more careful. I gave specific instructions to IFC to not put him in bed after his morning nap so that he could nap at home. He did after struggling in my arms - it is too bright so he must be carried or he won't go down. Sito and I napped too. But I woke earlier to pack in some housework, peeking in through the ajar door once every so often.

Then when I was doing something in the kitchen, the door opened. I thought Sito was up but no! A little boy walked out silently to look for his mama!! It was scary cos he was sleeping on our bed! So grateful he didn't drop off the bed in his just-woke-up state! So grateful he knows how to get off the bed legs first! I still remember my KPI target ok:

No. of falls from adult bed = 0

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