Friday, 20 September 2013

My funny baby

On Wednesday, he was bringing his book with him as he left his bed, probably heading to his baby monitor. In an attempt to distract him from doing so, I snatched the book from his hands and placed it just out of his reach.

He reached out and grabbed the book, and tried to back down the bed again. But I snatched it again too. After a couple of repeats, he started to laugh and was quite happy for me to snatch his book.

More snatching and laughing later, I decided to not snatch his book. And this silly boy brought the book towards me for me to snatch! More laughing ensured! :)

Now that he isn't drinking milk at bedtime, I'm resuming his bedtime reading. But unlike last time, he didn't seem interested to read the book although he was still trying to flip it open. Oh well, we'll get him reading sooner or later..

And yesterday, he kept standing up and walking on his bed. I had to catch him a few times as he almost stepped off the bed - that's a six-inch step! But once, I missed and he stepped off and fell! I went "uh-oh!"

But luckily, it was at the side with the blanket atop his play mat so it was quite soft. And he landed on his knees before his face hit the blanket. Then, he stayed in his frog position, not moving.

Shit, did he hurt himself bad??!

And then, he went "uh-oh" while still remaining in that position. I laughed a silent one!!!

It took him at least one more second before he lifted his head and started doing his pre-bed thing all over again.

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