Saturday, 7 September 2013

Happy Teachers' Day!

I was still hungry after dinner cos I shared it with ZK - I didn't expect him to eat so much!

He had rice, scrambled eggs and some broccoli - broccoli! - while I also had the sweet and sour pork :)

The scrambled eggs went in first. Passed his picky tongue as I knew it would.

Next was the rice. It was still hot and soft as we had it right after returning from the stall. I was worried cos it was just plain rice. But guess what, he took it very well and gestured for more.

I was having my broccoli when I thought I could let him try it. He didn't want to hold it so I held the stem and put the little buds or whatever you call that into his mouth. He almost wanted to take the whole floret into his mouth! Somehow, he got the idea that he had to bite and so he did. I helped with positioning and pulling. And he ate most of the buds after a few rounds.

Mama is so proud of him :)

Today is Teachers' Day so his IFC is closed and I'm on leave. But he didn't realise it was a holiday and woke at 5 am. Two hours and a half later, he seemed tired so I put him in bed and dozed off myself! But of course he didn't sleep la - when Sito woke and opened our bedroom door, he was shocked to find ZK happily going to him and get no response from wifey! He eventually came over to find me sleeping in ZK's bed *.* I woke then but promptly dozed off again until I heard something in the kitchen and rushed out - ZK was banging on the toilet door while Sito was on the throne!

Gave him some yogurt to tide him over cos he had his breakfast milk very early but I didn't want him to have his cereals too early. Timing was just nice; after cereals, it took a minute for him to doze off after I put him in bed. Bliss!

Didn't nap with him though - had to do some work. When he woke, he took his second dump of the day and fussed until I set him in his umbrella stroller. He knew we were going to go out and became very guai *roll eyes*

We went to Gardens by the Bay! We last went there on 1 Jan 2013 - time passed so quickly! And my membership is coming to an end! It was just about a year ago that we first went with LS and little SX.

He was quite quiet in his stroller. Then we set him loose. But he didn't go wild - see, so guai :)

And he really wanted to push his stroller!

Then he saw a bird and went after it! Question: How did the bird get in?!

Blur pic of mama and son - nicely disguising my lack of makeup but he's as cute dao as ever. There are Chinese knots and flowers in mini test tubes hanging on a plant behind us. I used to have a mini test tube vase stuck to my window in Oxford :)

Came up from the Flower Dome to find ourselves confronted with lion statues! Almost like a 小木马 :)

PS: I didn't get the day wrong - I wrote this last night but dozed off before I got to upload the photos *.* Tired.. My on-off cold seems to have gone on now :(

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