Monday, 10 January 2011


I was on the "throne" when I happened to glance up and caught this line at the bottom of our new shampoo bottle:

I'm so good; I'll put clean thoughts in your head


Talk about brainwashing..

Just came out of the bedroom after a goro session with Sito, my wet hair (washed with another bottle of shampoo, the one which will soon be replaced) still in a turban. We talked about my preference for intangible comforts like spa over tangible goods like bags, which led to salary.. And man, I miss my old salary!

In each of 2005 and 2008, I dished out a month's salary for a spa package lasting three years after collecting my performance bonus. There was some thinking but while I hesitated in parting with my money, I knew in my heart I wanted the spa!

And today, I was out with S checking out pilates studios around town. The price for a semi-private session, which we would go for, was reasonable. Even the private session was cheaper compared to rates in Sg. The sum for a package was much lower than that for my spa package. Yet, I could feel it very very acutely when I decided to go ahead with one session each week....

Oh well..

Back to brainwashing.. I think I need to psych myself that sleep has nothing to do with light / darkness. The sun sets at 4 pm. I think it's because of that that I've been feeling sleepy at 8 pm or so. And I've been waking up at between 2 am and 6 am! Sometimes I would wake twice in the night! If I sleep early, I'll wake at 2 am and lie awake for ages. If I sleep near midnight, I'll probably wake at 4 am-ish.. It sucks. And today, I was sleepy at 7 am. This has never happened to me in the UK!

The worst part is my stuffy nose. It would be dripping when I'm awake or neutral when it's behaving. But once I lie down, it blocks up quite immediately and I have to breathe through my moth. Sometimes I would find my mouth so dry when I wake that I could hardly bear to breathe anymore!

And now, I'm giving in to sleep. Can't hold it anymore.. I'm hoping that I won't wake before 4 am...

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