Thursday, 20 January 2011

Randomising in Evanston

Eight for the coming CNY!

I'm kind of grateful that it's winter here - the gorilla mf is well hidden under jeans or tights! I'll see how long I can tahan before I must shave. Wait, I don't have a shaver. Looks like I'm going to be comparable to Sito before long!

Presentable feet finally! I have been using my very expensive scrub and moisturiser from Nail Palace for the past two weeks. My soles are no longer cracking as much, and the old cracks are healing pretty well :) I was very glad cos pilates instructor held my feet during the lesson, phew! It could have been really disgusting for her and embarrassing for me!

Was doing some really simple mat work like lifting legs when Sito walked in.

Sito: That's pilates?
mf: Um, ya, I'm starting from basics..

Oh yes, I do a lot more in my semi-private lesson at US$40 an hour!

Watch The King's Speech with the girls on Tuesday. Simply adore the scene where the BBC broadcaster prepared himself for reading the news! And of course, Colin Firth :)

A couple of weeks ago, I saw a woman taking a photo of a bare shrub. When I walked nearer, I realised that the shrub was full of fat sparrows! I didn't have my camera with me though.. And today on the way back from the supermarket, I saw those fat sparrows perched on the same shrub again! And again, no camera.. But I told them they were cute.

Bought B&J today - two for US$5, of course must buy! We have lost count of the number of tubs of ice cream we've had since August last year..

Happily brought my new grocery cart to a further supermarket today, with full intention to stock up on frozen food! It was folded in my bag on the way there. On the way back, I realised that it was made for a shorter person *.*

And I forgot to buy potatoes. So I went to the nearer but more expensive supermarket to get some. Then Sito told him he wasn't going for the evening events anymore - one cancelled and one not necessary. In that case, actually I wouldn't have needed the potatoes to make chicken pie which could easily be kept warm in oven. Bah.

Anyway, time to start cooking!

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