Thursday, 27 January 2011

We're nerdy and loving it!

Sito is a chemistry nerd and I’m a maths nerd. He thinks chemistry is the language of how the world works. I think maths is the language of how the world works.

The Sito chapter

Sito likes chemistry.

And he has a bunch of related trivials. Why it smells funny when I rebond my hair. Why egg whites change colour when cooked / whipped very hard. Things I never knew!!

And that night, we were talking about viruses and bacteria.. Hey I know about those! But I needed a reminder on the difference between the two. Then he went on to talk about how the AIDS virus was simple but could disrupt the system. Or something like that. And this could be related. Or not!

Sito: I think *that* is a retro virus (mf has forgotten what *that* was :p)
mf: What is a retro virus?
Sito: It has afro hair and mambos..
mf: *.*

Then he went on to give the real definition..

Well, trivials are interesting. But I never like chemistry even though I married someone who does :)

The mf chapter

I like maths.

Not the hard stuff like algebra or calculus. The fun stuff (which may not be easy!). I always think it amazing that the golden ratio and the Fibonacci numbers can be found in nature.

And my favourite irrational number, pi! Omg, it all started with the library in my secondary school – the maths teacher who was in charge of maths enrichment pasted the number around the length of the library! And if I recall correctly, there was a wad of paper rolled up at the end of the four lengths of wall!

Then the other day, I discovered how Sito does subtraction – with his fingers in a way I didn’t immediately understand.

Sometimes I marvel at the things I don’t know about my husband :)


So, who’s the bigger nerd? :p

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