Friday, 21 January 2011


Not me :p

Just back from grocery shopping with M. This was the first time that I went grocery shopping somewhere that wasn't accessible by public transport.

But M drove..

For the first time in the US!

I wasn't scared. But if it was the other way round, she should be scared, hoho! Well, I must learn to eventually drive around here! The car-share here is so much better than that in Sg - enough free miles to drive for hours!

So we went to Aldi and Market Place on Oakton St, and got a lot of food at very affordable prices - too bad I went shopping yesterday as well so I missed out on cheaper fresh produce today.. Bought more frozen food instead :p

And see what we found in the freezer section!

Drool... M said she saw these in Chinatown before but never knew what they were. Good stuff :)

We tried to pump petrol twice on the way back. First time, we didn't know what to do - in Chile, some guys would help with the petrol; in Singapore, well, I don't know! Second time, somehow we couldn't get the driver ID to show so we had to give up! We didn't leave an empty fuel tank of course; it was just under a quarter full.. Then, cos we ran out of time, we parked the car at its lot and lugged all our food home with us - it was a lot for two of us!

But we did it.. Exercise for the week - checked. Frozen food for six months - checked!

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