Saturday, 15 January 2011

About being a housewife

Seems that some people think it amazing that I’ve “given up my work” to be here with Sito. One of my ex-colleagues even asked me if I didn't find it a waste to be a housewife / stay-at-home mum. Hmmm, no :) And a while back at the supermarket, I bumped into T and we were talking about what we would be doing here while the husbands studied...

T: You don’t seem like the family type..
mf: *.*

Many years ago, my Japanese teacher asked who would want to be a housewife. New vocab or something. I raised my hand cos I misunderstood it to be whether I liked some house thing - I forgot. Anyway, it showed how bad my Japanese was. Is. When I got it clarified, I didn't think much about it and maintained that raised hand. Seemed natural to me. After all, Mother was a housewife.

Alas, I didn't understand the reality of life then. Life is better with two incomes. We just have to ensure that we have time for other things as well.

So, to be a housewife now is a luxury! And I'm totally enjoying it :) Next week, the wives are going to watch Black Swan and/or The King's Speech! Very excited about it. I haven't watched a movie since we came back. Unfortunately, Sito had no time to go..

But, as a housewife, I also have my insecurities – am I getting fat? Am I laying my mind to waste with all the dramas I'm watching? Am I getting on Sito's nerves with my meal planning and mundane stuff? Will I be able to ease back into full-time work in 2012?

Well, at least I'm conscious of it! So I want to learn things besides watching dramas! I finally started on Spanish this week. And next Monday, I'm going for semi-private pilates with S, following which I'll do mat work on my own at home and try to head for the gym at least once a week. I read a book last week - fiction - and am now starting on one of Sito's chim but interesting books. Um, we brought a lot of books over! I go for a class on managerial leadership on Wednesdays, and even submitted homework! I'm the marketing rep (somehow!) of the JV Club so I can have a circle that is almost like work, make me think and speak up.

And at the same time, I manage the household - physically, financially and even mentally as we talk through obstacles and difficulties in our lives. Mostly difficulties in his work but we are a team!

So this housewife is, in my opinion, not bad at all! :)

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  1. i was thinking abt this topic too!!it wun be a waste to be a housewife......Sito will appreciate all these cooking and other things tt u do for will add up to a great wonderful thing!


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