Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy birthday to mf :)

Looking back at my 31 years, I think I got a lot of things without working really hard for them. For example, good grades came easily until university when I actually had to cram stuff into my head, but never until the wee hours. Even my job came easily, a natural progression after my studies. Yes, I had to interview for the position of my choice and there were competitors but somehow, I was lucky enough to cruise through. After that, I worked damn hard but not to get promotion or what; I just worked and I was recognised and rewarded accordingly ..

Maybe that's how it is. "I just work."

It's not that I have no setbacks in my life. I have failed exams, written wrong analysis. I have a sucky family and crappy secondary school life. A mix of things I can and cannot control. But I simply plough through obstacles in my path. To me, there is only one way - forward. And I have to overcome obstacles else I'll just be stuck where I am. If I see a stone, I move it with my hands. Big stone? Find more hands, get some tools. If it's a freaking mountain, find a way around it la! Or maybe my destination is not beyond the mountain but at the top of it. Either way, I have to surmount this obstacle to know...

As I turn 31 today, perhaps, with all this time in my hands, I may have become a little wiser. A little wiser in knowing that I can't be the smartest, I can't know everything, I am not the best, but I can go far and be successful in my own right if I carry the right attitude.

This birthday, I'm tempted to repeat the same vague birthday wish but I think I'll be a little more specific today :p Well, if you don't ask, you don't get it right?

Sito is bringing me out for dinner :) But he was so busy yesterday that I had to make the reservation under his name and add "wife's birthday" under remarks :p We're quite cute, aren't we? :)

Will probably post photos later!


Had a nice dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House - oh ya, we love meat :) They heat their plates so that food remains hot through the meal. Sito's ribeye was so succulent the fats melted in my mouth - very very sinful. I had my usual fillet mignon, medium rare, yum :)

And here's us! Love the way he was hugging me, hee...

Thank you, Sito :)

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  1. happy birthday babes, glad it was good one <3


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