Sunday, 16 January 2011

Of bins and boxes

Was sorting my photos for backup when I came across a lot of pictures that I had wanted to post but never had the time to! Some of these are a few years old but I'll post anyway.. I'll just take my time doing so..

I'll start with basic public facilities.. Rubbish bins and post boxes!

Sito and I had our first excursion at the zoo during the March school holidays in 2007. We must be looking around for a rubbish bin cos otherwise, these were too well camouflaged to be noticed! :p

Zebra printz prints

Should be leopard prints here..

How about tiger prints?

My favourite - giraffe prints! No, actually I like giraffes but not for their prints; I like them for their ossicones! :)

Colourful rubbish bins can be found elsewhere too! I forgot where I saw this though..

And some time in March 2007, I started to notice colourful post boxes.. I think I saw this in Chinatown - quite cool, the Chang E-lookalike is using a laptop! Presumably on the moon? :p

Don't remember where this is but I think it's near City Hall / Bugis area..?

Don't remember where this is either, perhaps near some 4D place since we had no casino back then?

Another one whose location slips my mind... Fishy..

This was taken near MICA - I like this a lot

I like this one too! So eerily cute! :)

Looks like some lonely junction..

There are a lot more but I've been lazy taking pictures :p I thought it's really fun to have some colours in our public facilities. I do like the British pillar post boxes - very recognisable with its shape and colour - but these fancy stuff are quite cool too and jazz up the surroundings so instead of a dull metallic or white box standing in the middle of nowhere, we have pictures that are somehow related to the area. mf likes :)

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