Friday, 14 January 2011

Walking in the snow

We decided to go to Futami for dinner yesterday, have some fish, some brain food. When we came out of the restaurant, it was snowing!

I think the last time I walked in the snow was in 8 Jan 2003! I remember cos I went to Scotland on my own and I was rather hoping it would snow on my birthday, and it did!

The first time was in Fiesole, Italy in December 1999. Travel mates and I were walking through some Roman structure when it started snowing. That was the first time I saw snow :)

But it was so damn cold! My jeans were thin, my coat didn't cover my ass, and I might have been wearing sandals cos my big toe was a little swollen then!

Went skiing the following spring but I didn't think it was snowing. It was just covered with snow.

It snowed a couple of times in Oxford. The first year, I was in France/Italy. The second year, it snowed overnight. So nop, no walking in the snow..

And last night, we hurried to the bank to get some money after dinner, and hurried home. But outside McManus, I couldn't help tapping the snow under the shrubs with my shoe :p I was surprised at how soft it was! The day before, I dug a finger into an inch of snow on a garbage can (!) and found it icy cos the snow was more than a day old by then. Yesterday, it was fresh snow :)

Sito said he did it all the time and lifted up one foot to step into the snow. I squealed! I don't know why but I found it so fun! Or funny? :)

But well, it wasn't a romantic walk la. Cold with snow slapping our faces. Can't even hold hands! But fun, it was :)

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