Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I want to feel peckish!

When I was working in Sg, I would have breakfast at home and leave for work. Then I would feel hungry by 11.30 am. And if I didn’t have a meeting or lunch appointment, I’d head straight to the hawker centre to get my early lunch!

But for a couple of weeks in 2008 or 2009, I didn’t feel hungry for lunch. I didn’t even crave for snacks. Not at all! That worried me a lot.. I just pinched on some fruits to keep gastric pains at bay.. This went away shortly and I was left baffled, cos I couldn’t understand why that happened.

You see, I always like to eat. And I’m always hungry. So when I don’t feel like eating or I don’t feel hungry around meal times, I feel uneasy. I worry.

And now, it’s happening again but more specifically with chocolate. You see, again, that I love chocolates all my life! When I don’t feel fat, when I feel down, when I’m working/studying hard, when I feel peckish, I eat chocolates. Even when I have a sore throat, I’d love a little square! Many more! Last quarter, I ate a lot of M&M’s while preparing for Montessori exams.

When we first came back, I kind of forgot about my stash of chocolates on the high cabinet – was trying to keep them out of reach but of course, I always managed to get them when I wanted to! At the same time, we were happily munching on crisps accumulated while I was away! When the crisps were gone, I suddenly remembered about my chocolates and munch on a couple of fun packs happily in the afternoons when I was reading :)

Then in the past few days, I didn’t feel like having chocolates at all. And this afternoon, I was so pathetic – my brain was like “time for some M&M’s!” but the rest of me wasn’t keen. But after a while, the rest of me listened to the brain, who was so used to chocolates that not having them seemed wrong! And I didn’t feel particularly happy when munching on the M&M’s. So sad =(

And I had my usual evening class today so I packed my dinner with me cos I wasn’t hungry at 6 pm to eat before class. By break time which was 8 pm, I still wasn’t hungry but had my packed dinner anyway. After a while, I realised that I had missed dinner time cos I could feel the gastric cramps starting. That was when I realised that the lack of hunger I experienced a few years ago was back! Argh!

Well, at least, it isn’t that I don’t like chocolates anymore!!

Can't wait for my appetite to return. I mean, it's not like I live to eat but I just like to eat!

Update 30 Jan 2011

Oooh, I'm peckish again! yesh!

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