Monday, 17 January 2011

Unexpected adventure with pilates!

S and I went for our first semi-private pilates lesson today and we were pretty excited about it. Little did we know that the journeys to and from the studio were also going to be very exciting!

It wasn't too cold, thankfully. But it was freaking slippery! As I approached the traffic light, I saw a girl slip on the other side of the road. And I was reminded that WY fell in Chicago years ago and suffered a hairline fracture on her tail bone.. Only one thought consumed me for the rest of the walk - don't slip!

Oh but slide I did! I almost couldn't come to a stop at the next traffic light! Think I literally slid a foot or so!

Anyway, I reached the studio in one piece.. Pilates turned out to be less of an adventure in comparison.. The mat was tough for me as usual - couldn't do all the roll-ups and leg lifts etc. But the reformer was good - I could do all the exercises and feel the stretch. Hopefully I can improve with time :)

Then, we had to head home, and we were dreading it.. We started sliding after a few steps! Held on to each other for dear life... No, we would only get sore from pilates and not get bruised from falling down! We turned into a small alley - tarmac instead of brick pavement, a lot more friction.. But we hit an icy patch just as a car pulled to a stop in front of us, kindly waiting for us to pass it. So we steadied ourselves with the car :p .. We said sorry! :p

Luckily, both of us got back safely..

Time to ditch the pretty boots for the ugly snow boots! Ok la, actually my snow boots aren't that ugly, just super chunky and a difficult all-white!

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