Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Bedtime conversation with ZK :)

We were sitting on the floor next to his bed.

Mama: 长颈鹿在哪里?
ZK: 长颈鹿高高!*both hands up!*
Mama: 对啊,长颈鹿高高!*copy ZK*
ZK: Monkey!
Mama: Monkey 抓着树枝摇啊摇... *gestures wildly*
ZK: 吃...
Mama: Monkey 吃什么?
ZK: *stares at me*
Mama: Monkey 吃菜,羊也吃菜..
ZK: *stares at me*
Mama: ZK 摸羊,记得吗?叔叔给你菜让你喂羊可是你没有,那叔叔自己喂羊,ZK 记得吗?
ZK: *keeps staring*
Mama: 羊的口还亲亲 ZK 的小手?
ZK: Water lay! (nop, no typo here!)
Mama: 还有 water play! ZK 跟谁一起 water play 啊?
ZK: Papa!
Mama: ZK 要 water play 啊?
ZK: 要...
Mama: 等爸爸没有上班,我们一起去 water play 好吗?
ZK: 要...

Happy evening :)

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