Tuesday, 24 June 2014

In pain but in love

I'm not in labour. Yet. I'm just in pain - 小马哥 is not letting up although he must be running out of space already. He just went knocking around my whole womb barely a minute before I started typing.

But I'm so in love. Call me silly but I think he's trying to communicate with me, knowing that Mama has been so distracted by the brother and by work that she hasn't talked to him very much during this pregnancy. I plead guilty... Sometimes when I think about it, like now, I feel bad.

These days, I'm often sitting in bed with some work on my lap. But I'll take some time out to feel him moving as he always does when I plonk my ass here every night. I want to take my time to absorb and internalise this feeling of him moving inside. We have no idea whether we will have another child so let me just treat this as our last pregnancy and 小马哥 our last baby :)

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