Saturday, 7 June 2014

ZK, a little more grown

And looking more like Mama? The sales assistant at Island Creamy said he looked like me just now. I'm happy :) Everyone has been saying how much ZK looks like Sito for the longest time, not that either of us could tell very much though. But it's a good thing to look like the father first - cos the mother always know it's her kid but not nec the father hoho!

We had a parent-teacher conference this morning. There was delay so I waited outside for a while. Then ZK came out cos he saw me from inside. He had some fun on a "mini car" before it was our turn.

So, how's ZK been in school? Quite good! He can feed himself, drink from a cup, peel a banana; he is quite bilingual and has a positive effect on his good friend's Mandarin; he listens to instructions (at the beginning at least), shares things with other children, feeds them things he doesn't like until their whole mouth is full *.* But he's impatient and always wants to be the first to get things like milk. Yesterday, he tried to get into the water before he was changed into swim diaper cos he couldn't wait. So the teachers let him cry and told him to go to them when he was ready.

ZK was sitting on my lap during this and said and did cute things. I was given a little file on ZK, full of pictures and description of his progress in various developmental areas. It was a great read for Sito and me :)

When it was time to go, I couldn't leave ZK behind cos he wouldn't let me! No choice but to bring him back and have Y take care of him for a few hours while Sito and I went to my second uncle's wake - he had a heart attack during a game of badminton and passed away on Thursday night. It was such a shock cos he seemed so healthy. Exercise alone, it seems, is not enough. Genes and diet play a big part as well. And, we're really moving into the age where the generation just before us is starting to go, sighs...

Anyway.. here are some photos from the past few weekends..

Funny sleeping pose - with only the head on his bed!

Brought him to the hawker centre for breakfast - he didn't want glutinous rice or carrot cake so I bought fried beehoon. Strangely, he woudn't have any too! I ended up having two portions of breakfast *.* Then I got some pandan cake for him and plonked him onto the supermarket trolley - so happy!

I told him to smile. And he always smiles like this cos he learnt from a 招财猫 with such a smile! I always ask him 猫猫怎么笑?^.^

That evening, we went to Star Vista for dinner and saw big animals on the way out. He loved them! Sayang...

Last weekend - my boys with their gadgets *.*

Last weekend, we also had a staycation at W at Sentosa and we got a nice suite! Best part? It was all free :)

Having biscuits while waiting for check-in.

And then while waiting for our room to be ready, we walked around the hotel and found ourselves in unfamiliar territory... It reminded us of Bahamas!

Also checked out the quayside area - food not really to our liking. Just gave ZK some Milo while roaming the supermarket, which was anything but super...

Finally, we got to our room! And it was very nice, with a guest toilet at the doorway, a huge living room, a spacious bedroom and a mega bathroom. ZK was happily running about the room exploring things. Very soon, Sito hid all the glass ornaments. I didn't manage to stop him before he squeezed some shower gel on the fluffy floor mat at the basins. And later I found that he barely missed a glass jar of bath salts! Put that away immediately...

Then suddenly, ZK stopped in the middle of the bedroom. And his face turned red. Fantastic... We thought it was safest to change him on the sofa but guess what? He did his baby thing and peed just as we went about to put on a new diaper! Ok, off to the bath!

On a "colourful bus"!

ZK fell asleep on the bus on our way to RWS for dinner..

We walked a little and he woke! And of course he must sit in every car *.* But check out the sign behind him :p

Dinner was at Coca - so good so full and so rushed cos ZK wanted to sit on the display car outside, and a boy had a bring a bear to the car, which excited him even more!

Showering was a tricky business. He wouldn't let me disappear so I let him into the shower with me. He thought my naked body was funny *.* He slipped a few times while I was washing myself but nothing serious. There was ample space in the shower for him to hang around until it was his turn.

It took a while to put him in bed. I dozed off and Sito was snoring away. I thought it was early - about 9 pm - but well, we could also do with more sleep! Then Sito woke. So we ended up with chocolate waffles from room service and TVB drama on the television in the living room so we didn't disturb ZK.

The night was quite alright. ZK didn't wake very much though he sat up a couple of times and moved around as usual. He eventually woke at a very decent hour past 6 am.

And he watched his fave excavator video while Sito was in the shower!

Platinum guests got to choose a welcome gift - 500 points, breakfast or one other thing. Of course we took breakfast - the area was quite 鸟不生蛋 and there was no platinum lounge for free food :p

ZK had a lot of food - oatmeal biscuits, almost a whole chocolate muffin and more than a slice of bread!

We returned to the room where he pooped again. This time, he refused to lie down so I wiped him standing. Time for him to learn that!! And then we washed him down and sent him into the bathtub with Sito before I climbed in too - family bath! It was quite fun, especially since ZK likes water play so much. But I guess the tub was quite different from the usual water play, and it was hot water. He wanted out shortly.

Anyway, he was tired so we stayed in bed watching TV while Papa continued to relax in the bath, watching the same show in the bathroom TV. Yes, three TVs in all but all smaller than ours! Soon after Sito joined us, ZK fell asleep..

We watched TV for a bit more before Sito settled check-out during his nap so that we could up and go once he woke as we were meeting Mum they all for lunch at Vivocity. Took the W shuttle to Vivocity - grey, not colourful, but it was a bus and ZK was happy :)

ZK is really more grown-up now. This staycation wasn't all easy but it was so much easier than in India - in terms of eating and sleeping. But I think we still won't attempt another week-long holiday with him for a while...

Other signs of our baby growing up... He's talking a lot more. Sito used a very apt term to discuss his talking - 头头是道! ZK looks like he knows what he's saying, and we have no doubt he does, but we don't understand much *.* This week, he started saying 早安 to me in the morning in bed, and 晚安 when I left the room. His 早安 is especially enthusiastic! And yesterday, on the way to school, he went something like "doe a deer".. I started the song, and he finished the first line with something like "a female deer"! So fun! He could sing the last word of a few more lines :) Oh, and at Sentosa, we discovered that his "pineapple" was actually 拔萝卜!

He is also starting to choose his clothes. He has been aware of the airplanes on his pyjamas tonight for a while. He also knows the one with the giraffe and the one with a bear. Last night, Y took out the one with the bear. I no longer want him to wear that as pyjamas as that has short sleeves and he's sleeping on the floor all the time. But too bad, he saw it and wouldn't have anything else. Luckily he's a very warm boy - when he's sleeping next to me, I'll be cold if the blanket is off but otherwise, I'll sweat lor!

I think I need to change the title of my note that captures his everyday things for me to record here later. It now says "Baby ZK" but he's really not a baby anymore. He's starting to be more and more like a 小孩子 or a 大 baby.. Our son, he's grown so much and so fast :)

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