Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The cutest 36w3d-old hand

Hi :)

小马哥 was shy and/or naughty today - we couldn't see his face properly, just the hand :)

Doc didn't mention the umbilical cord and I forgot to ask! But I suppose that should mean things are fine hur? *.*

I gained 1.1 kg in two weeks, just nice, although apparently, I was this weight when I delivered ZK... Um, I started from a higher base this time? :p He's growing well too, having taken more than 400g from me - he's 2.75 kg now. Three plus weeks to go so... GROW MORE! :)

I must be quite masochistic cos he's already pulling some pretty hard punches at this weight *.* This morning at the clinic, I was lying flat for the scan and he gave me a hard kick on my left side. It was very, very painful. Just now on the way home, he did some funny stretching and it felt uncomfortable as well. But I must say that I kind of like these movements :p

I started taking antibiotics on Monday night cos I had strep B the last time. Actually, should have started on Sunday morning but I missed that alarm :p Will be doing culture test next week - hope it's clear!

My groin is still hurting. Some nights, I woke up to go pee and had to take it slow cos it hurt when I tried to get up. Some nights, I just went back to sleep cos I couldn't bear to get up *.* This morning, I rolled off the bed to avoid waking ZK, and when I landed on my legs, pain shot through my groin, sighs...

Anyway, ZK has been coming in every night now. I thought, just as well - perhaps this could assuage any feeling of jealousy when 小马哥 arrives. The only problem is, now I only have 20% of the bed - he must squeeze me to the side even though he has the rest of the bed when Sito is away. Even when Sito is home, Sito would take at most 30% - this little tyrant took up space way bigger than his little frame!

Just got home from the second weeknight dinner with friends in about two years - the first was Monday. I'm so beat now... My feet are feeling it especially, cos I was in heels the whole day. These are kitten heels, quite low and more importantly, spacious compared to my pumps! My feet don't look swollen at all but I think they are a little swollen cos my pumps are getting tight.

Now I'm sitting in bed, waiting for Sito to Skype me - he doesn't seem to be back in the hotel yet.. Many nights, I sit here doing work or blogging or Skyping, and many nights, I feel like a little ball - 肥肥圆圆坐在这里, quite cute, haha!

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