Sunday, 22 June 2014

Meal plans!

In the past few weeks, I have been excitedly planning my meals for the next few months as a stay-at-home mama :) FOOD! :)

  • Overnight oats with blueberries, nuts, raisins, sunflower seeds, super expensive chia seeds - all supposedly great for milk supply; take this cold or heated up
  • Egg mayo sandwich with rockets - simply love this; and I intend to grow my own rockets!
  • Wolf berry tea - just a warm drink in the morning...
  • Pasta - probably with some grilled vegetables topped with some protein
  • Smoked salmon - used to stir this into my pasta back in uni
  • Grilled sandwich - finally going to utilise my panini press!
  • Beef patty - just an idea for the sandwich :)
  • Egg omelette - the runny kind, slurp!
  • Ginger fried rice - this will be from Mum. I like fried rice! As the song goes: 炒飯的味道吃過都知道好 :p
I'll be having dinner with ZK so it will be our usual food. But since I'll be breastfeeding, I think I'll expand the menu a little bit more and hope ZK will eat more with me. In particular, some soup is in order. Google gave me some palatable ideas:
  • Whole chicken, shallots, white pepper - boil then simmer two hours; sounds yummy!
  • Lotus root and peanuts - always good
  • Chicken and wolf berries - made this back in uni as well
  • Pork ribs and corn - I like!
  • 酱醋猪脚 - this isn't from Google; Mum will make some. Very good with rice.
And I know I'll get hungry when losing weight breastfeeding, so I have also thought of the various tea time snacks I could have - yummy and healthy to boot!
  • Instant oats - just add hot water; very convenient in the middle of the night
  • Milo - a sweet treat
  • Toast with cheese - possible thanks to the panini press!
  • Cheese with peanut butter - had so much of this with ZK!
  • Nuts - just bought two huge packs :)
  • Raspberry leaf tea - I still have so much of this! Great for milk and thirst when I'm not too hungry
  • Double boiled papaya milk (dessert) - takes more time to make, but I have help and this does sound yummy!
I'm getting hungry just writing about food! Actually I'm not hungry but I just want to eat all the time! Juicy beef burger, baby spinach salad, pesto pasta, 板面, instant noodles, pumpkin soup, fried food, oh, and 小笼包! We missed our 小笼包 steamboat buffet on Friday as Sito didn't have the appetite. We made another reservation on 2 July - hope 小马哥 is still happy remaining inside for some days more!

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