Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Random photos

Yes, I do take photos that don't have ZK in them :) Here are some from the past six or seven months..

I remember having a similar table - you know, the tabletop with this old-school pattern?

At a balloon sculpting event - CL make the green one for ZK and I made the yellow one, but I dropped the yellow one on the way to the cab :(

A hilarious poster around LNY!

We were waiting for the Chingay floats to come our way but they were late and we were hungry so we left before seeing anything, except for this ice cream man, who reminded me of the ice cream treats with CY every Wednesday for a while back in secondary school! That was fun but too expensive for me, sighs..

Freaky cats spotted along Holland Avenue! We were taking a walk after a date night and found these two cats staring at a spot above our heads... Lizards *.*

We didn't understand this sign - someone, explain?

The ground downstairs littered beautifully with fallen flowers soon after the rains finally came pouring down after a long absence :)

Yes, bag down!

Saw another poster lately about watching where you're going, i.e. not at your phone!

This pair of slippers broke at the T - very sad, no pretty office slippers for a while cos I kept forgetting to bring a replacement pair..

And when I did, this pair didn't last very long before the T broke off too! And they're supposed to be Havaianas! Think I bought them shortly before Kellogg.. Sad..

After again some procrastination, I now have a pair of Ipaneme slippers, slightly cheaper and way prettier than the Havaianas!

Present from Sito :)

I'm keeping that for myself but this, I let ZK play :)

Dug out my old schoolbag from JC times for our recent excursion to the zoo! First to the aquarium though - wet weather plans..

The tag is quite faded but I couldn't bear to throw it away...

On a recent beautiful morning... From our lift landing..

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