Sunday, 22 June 2014

My big baby

Love this series of shots of ZK drinking Milo:

Mama, are you taking a photo of me drinking Milo?

This is yummy...

But just how is this interesting??

Whatever, I shall just enjoy my drink...

And then he took the straw out and there were droplets of Milo all over *.*

Spent some time at CW's place last weekend. XY and her kids were there too! CW's place became a child care centre *.* With Sito being the most popular adult - XY's kids flocked to him with their iPads and ZK wanted a piece of Papa too! And as I looked through these pictures, I realised we forgot to take a group shot, argh!

He didn't bully me that day - fell asleep rather quickly in V's cot after lunch. When he woke, he held on to V's bear and cried when V tried to take back her own bear *.* Totally engrossed in the TV soon after...

On our way out, ZK gave V a hug :)

And they just stopped holding hands in this shot - think this boy must have been going around hugging his friends and holding hands in school...

Centre closure day! We went to Happy Willow where he had fun jumping around while the adults spent their energy watching over him..

He finally looked super happy in the ball pit!

And looking fat here :p

He loves to go near this cat in the morning. He knows he shouldn't touch it, I think.. If you look carefully, you'll find my big boy smiling happily at the cat :)

This cat is also quite bo chup - it just lets ZK go near and stare at it. Sometimes, he carries on sleeping and ignores ZK.

On Thursday, however, ZK went near a furrier cat in Chip Bee. It was snobbish and apparently valued its private space a lot more. After giving a couple of head jerks ("Eh, why are you so near? Eh, eh!"), he reached out and whacked ZK's forehead! I was apprehensive about this stranger cat and was standing close, ready to grab ZK but I wasn't quick enough.. Luckily it was just a warning whack - no claws! ZK was still not afraid! Argh, gotta drag him off..

Sometimes, he spends a lot of time looking at cats and dogs in the neighbourhood, or playing at the fitness corner, or simply melting down along the way. I found a way to get him away from the fitness corner - by letting him play on each machine for three counts :p But otherwise, these days, I don't send him to school all the time else I would be quite late for work.. Two weeks ago, I told Y that I couldn't go, and he seemed to understand and turned to me to say byebye - I was quite sad :(

This was yesterday at the indoor playground at Clementi Mall. Compared to our last trip there in March this year, he has grown so much - he could climb up and down the slide structure steadily, and even make his way down the slide without much supervision. In fact, he would even push other kids aside if we weren't there to tell him to wait! No longer the pushover... But his teacher was right - he's got to learn to wait for his turn!


Look who's the boss!

Still having sleep issues with ZK.. These days, he realises about me going to 隔壁房间 and wants to go in with me sometimes at his bedtime. Sito goes to KL every Monday morning. Two weeks, I let ZK into our room at 4 am or so when he woke, hoping he would fall asleep and sleep through Sito's prep. But no, the lights kept him up.. And we had to shut our door when Sito left so that he would stay in the room. He did stay and doze off for a short while but he was up very early and OPENED THE DOOR TO GO OUT!

I was like, shit, that was it! Now we couldn't stop him anymore! But he didn't open the door again after that.. Hmmm... Lucky for us, he kind of understands the concept of quiet time and that(来)妈妈房间(要)睡觉 so most of the time, he falls asleep after some rolling around.. But he continues to sleep on the floor in his room!

One night, he decided to sleep in front of the camera...

Spread eagle!

Or on his blanket instead of his bed...

One morning, I heard noises and found him turning off the night light.. He looks so soft and huggable here :)

I just put back his humidifier this past week, and he has been turning it off in the morning as well - that's very obvious cos there's a ringtone when it's turned off. I told him to not touch the switches anymore and there were a couple of mornings when he left everything on and told me to "off" them when I got to his room.

He had Meh Meh with him - see the legs?

Reaching for the handle! He would have reached it if not for his bolster...

This was one of those rare occasions where he went back to his bed after going to the door. Well, almost on the bed..

This is how he is in the morning, if he falls asleep next to me and I wake first - my sleeping angel :) Or in this case, my Batman.. Sleep tight; Robin is on his way :p

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  1. haha I love the monitor shots! So cute sleeping in all positions! Yes watch for the opening door trick. YX and I have not had a good night's sleep since...


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