Thursday, 26 June 2014

Final pregnancy update for 小马哥 and final only child update

Because we're going to the hospital tomorrow!! :)

At the examination yesterday, the doc found me 3-4 cm dilated, with some blood. He wanted me in that day but... Ok, I've got my priorities all wrong.. BUT! I had to finish up some work and I haven't had a pedicure!


In any case, Sito is still in KL. Managed to convince the doc to let me go in on Friday morning. So while the nurses were filling in forms and calling labour ward etc, I texted Sito and he called back immediately. His flight was supposed to be tonight at 8.30 pm but he changed it to 5.20 pm. Um, not too early but well...

Anyway, so 小马哥 measured just under 3.1 kg, not much growth. I grew by 0.9 kg though *.* We couldn't see his face but his hair was clearly visible! The amniotic fluid was getting less as well - common for late pregnancy.

By the time I got to office, I have informed family and some friends. And then I spent the rest of the day catching up with friends and colleagues while attempting to finish up as much work as I could. Even managed to have three work discussions in the afternoon! Also packed up my stuff in the office - either into the drawers or into my bag. And then, suddenly, I was on the cab home!

I was happy to see curry on the stove - a nice last dinner with ZK before he is no longer the one and only. Tonight, he's eating at Mum's place and sleeping over as we have to be at the hospital by 6.30 am tmr. Also sent ZK to bed with mixed feelings. So I played with him a little more - glad to see him so happy :)

He was very active last night while I continued to work. It was a very pleasant feeling though it could hurt sometimes. Very soon, he'll be punching me on the outside!

I finally finished work by 11 pm or so! Woohoo! Very shiok to know that I won't be touching the laptop for at least another month. I'll probably log on here and there to clear emails so that the mailbox doesn't burst..

By midnight, I still couldn't reach Sito by text or Skype or Viber and so got paranoid, as usual *.* For the first time in almost two years, I called him while he was overseas. No answer :( Then I got hungry and had instant noodles with a slice of cheese :p And then he called back. He was just at dinner outside - see, I'm the paranoid wife... After his shower, we chatted for a while before I went to bed - it was past 1 am by then.

Slept for some three hours before I heard ZK. He woke on the floor and went back to his bed for a couple more hours before he eventually woke at just past 6 am. Good sleep, happy boy. I let him watch baby videos on my phone while I cut his nails. Then we went to school. He wanted to go after Teacher Andrea who was walking in as well and kept calling her name. But he couldn't go fast enough. Soon enough, he got tired and was happy to sit in his stroller.

I went into the classroom with him cos he didn't like the new teacher in the morning. His 老师 who usually receives him in the morning was on leave this week. He wouldn't let me go for a while and gave me his sad face. Then Teacher Cory arrived and he was so happy to see her! He was also very happy to wave byebye to me *.* Bleah *.* But I'm happy to see him his usual self :)

Came back for breakfast and found a bit of bleeding. Nothing soon after. No contractions too. Safe.

Spent the morning sorting out some paperwork and bringing out baby stuff before the plumber arrived. Just changing the bidet spray and shower hose set us back $140! He couldn't fix the main leak for the bidet seat cos the part was not a generic one. But he went to the shop at Lavender to ask for me! In the end, he didn't buy for me cos the part looked different. After all, our bidet seat is five years old. So I called to ask and was assured that the new part could fit. Will get Sito to go get it when he goes to ICA.

Then I headed out to get bank statements to prepare for Baby Bonus applications cos I remembered having to go get my bank statements last time. Also went to cancel our steamboat reservation next Wednesday - sighs, really no fate with it! The first time, we both had ulcers so didn't enjoy much. The second time, Sito had to work. The third time, Sito was ill. Now, we're giving birth! I told the guy to call me if a slot becomes available...

Next was pedicure! Painted my toes green :) Took the time to flip through a couple of recipe books from Mum - part of our lunch arrangements after delivery. Then met Mum to grab a salad lunch and two coconuts at the supermarket. I finally had salad! Been wanting it so much...

Then I got down to packing the hospital bag. Almost everything is laid out - just waiting for the suitcase to come back with Sito! We have others but I couldn't be bothered to take another one out. Now I'm just lazing around and wondering if I have missed out anything.. Seems a bit late to head out to Daiso...

Anyway, I've been feeling this pressure down my left side. 小马哥, you're excited about coming out soon? :) Papa and Mama are excited to be meeting you finally :)

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