Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Two consecutive scary evenings

Yesterday, ZK came home in tears, not crying out loudly but obviously upset with his left hand holding his right arm across his chest. Y said the teacher said something about his arm so I called her - he was playing rough with A but showed no sign of pain or unhappiness until he saw a kid having biscuits and he didn't get any cos he was on his way out.

So at the dining table, he used his left hand to hold the spoon. I put the spoon in his right hand, which went limp and dropped the spoon! I was so scared!

I felt both hands - both felt the same to me; nothing broken. I gently squeezed every cm of his right hand - no scream of pain; just the persistent sad look. I asked him to lift his arms - he held both up high; probably not a dislocation. I asked him to point out the painful part - he pointed to a strap mark on his right arm caused by the stroller cos he was pulling against the strap as he sometimes would do.

I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I let him hold the spoon with his left hand - which was quite steady anyway - while I fetched, um, my bottle of Hazeline snow cream... Since we saw XY apply some placebo cream on her son's toe, I have used my Hazeline snow cream to "cure" an itchy spot, and this day, it soothed him a little.

Throughout dinner, he would have a few mouthfuls and show me his limp right arm with a whine. I had to hold his arm and sayang it to sooth him. He also seemed very tired. The one thing he did with his right hand at dinner yesterday was to pick up fishcake and raisins...

When we got to his bed, I put more cream on his arm while he watched and asked for more.. Then, as he reached for the bottle with his left hand, he held my hand with his right hand to steady himself, and he squeezed my hand - no pain showing. Probably not a muscle issue too. And then, he twisted the cap of the bottle open with his right hand. Um, seemed to be working fine. Was he just being whiny?!

Googled a bit on hairline fracture and muscle tear/strain - both would have presented swelling. So I ruled both out. I just kept checking him in the monitor before I went to bed. When he woke this morning, everything was fine. When he showed me his left hand, I decided that that was it - he was very fine!

And just now, we were in his room singing and waiting for Y when he decided to go for the door. Then, I couldn't see it from my angle but I heard the unmistakenable sound of the door opening *.* He kept opening and closing the door for at least four times after that. Sighs.. Looks like this is it - I can expect to hear that again later...

How is this scary? Just on Sunday, I was napping on the massage chair at Mum's place when I heard a little boy calling me and tapping my knee. I was shocked into consciousness. So if I don't get shocked awake by the door opening, I may wake to a little hand slapping my face and/or a little voice calling me, or I may wake to a presence next to me and open my eyes to find my little boy standing next to me! In the middle of the night, that can be quite scary *.* Though with a boy, it probably wouldn't be as scary as what TO experienced lately - she woke to her 11-yo daughter standing quietly next to her bed, with her long hair down her face *.*

The worst part of it is that, 小马哥 may also get disturbed. Sighs, we just have to manage things one step at a time!

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