Sunday, 1 June 2014

To the zoo!

Finally we got to go to the zoo last Sunday! :)

"What's happening??!"

The look of wonder on his face - not the one above but when he saw this little monkey on a tree - made the long and hot trip all worth it. And that was only in the first 10 min :)

Passed by the otters and he happily sat on a fake one after going around touching every one.

Our target was to get to the kids zone and we chose the primate route to get there. The orang utans were swinging freely above us as usual, and ZK was just looking up with that same look of wonder :) Also passed by the cat zone and the Africa zone. While we were at the giraffes, the lions opposite started roaring for some reason, and the giraffes stopped moving! Instinct at work!

Finally, we got to the kids zone!

ZK kept going "some more some more" and went down the fence to touch one goat after another. But Sito was so worried about the goats chewing off his little fingers!! :p

A nice young man with his girlfriend offered ZK a piece of vegetable to feed a goat but ZK was totally blur :p But he stared in amazement when he saw how the goat ate the thing.

At one point, a goat put his mouth on ZK's hand and ZK withdrew his hand with a smile :) That was cute but the next thing was gross - he got kissed by a goat! And he didn't even flinch! *.*

I wiped him down of course and sent the boys off to water play!!

He was already very patient to sit with me instead of running to the water while we waited for Papa to get changed. I tried to keep him still by s l o w l y changing him out into his swim diaper.

But he was scared of water flowing down! I saw him hugging Papa tight quite a few times when they got near flowing water.

Think he just doesn't like water in his eyes. He hates this part of his showers...

有得玩不认娘了 - he couldn't be bothered when Papa pointed out Mama to him *.*

They took a quick rinse at the shower area and got changed for a snack! We brought a small packet of Milo for him :) He didn't want any of the food but he was quite happy feeding us.

It started raining while we were snacking. He was already tired and ready to sleep, but it was just difficult with all the distractions - rain (he'll sing!), my umbrella, the zoo trams, kids running about. So we stopped by the penguins anyway to show him real 企鹅 :)

We called for a cab and while waiting for it, my boys had fun! :)

ZK fell asleep on the cab while watching his fave excavator video. So cute :)

Interestingly, our cab ride home was about the same price as that from Bishan to the zoo; we went to Bishan for lunch. Kel said it was cos we took different routes. So let me make a note here - take BKE + Sixth Avenue next time instead of Thomson + Mandai, shorter!

And, we think the zoo trip was so much better than the aquarium trip. ZK seemed more interested and was definitely more engaged. Even today, he still remembers the monkeys and 长颈鹿高高 :) He even suddenly mentioned water play one day and linked that to Papa. Made me regret being lazy all this while and only going to the standard malls. I started thinking about nice excursions like this cos he's bigger now and cos very soon, he won't be the only centre of attention. Let's see where else we can go within the next few weeks :)

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